Choose the Right SEO Agency; Important Questions You Should Ask an SEO Agency

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If you own an online business, you must have heard about SEO many times. Nowadays, you see many SEO agencies that can help you improve your website SEO. As you are reading this article, more than 15,000 agencies around the world are offering SEO services. So knowing how to choose the right SEO agency is one of the essential aspects of your job.
Now the question is, what are the essential requirements for an SEO agency? Here we guide you on choosing the right SEO agency in a few steps in the following article.

Check Out their Website

If you want to choose the right SEO agency or, on a larger scale, a digital marketing agency for your business, you must first examine their performance. You probably think that you do not specialize in site analytics. So how do you analyze them? It’s simple.
Open their website.

  1. First of all, check their website speed while opening. If it is too slow, they do not understand the effect of the website speed. It is one of the most critical parameters for Google to rate and rank the site.
  2. Browse the pages “About us” and see their work history. See examples of their work, and be sure to visit who they have worked with before.
  3. Read the content of their blog since SEO is directly related to quality content. If the content itself is not very useful, they have spelling mistakes, or their blog will not be updated soon, it means this SEO agency has nothing to say.
  4. Check their DA (Domain Authority) and PA (Page Authority). It is a simple task. Just do a Google search for DA Checker and then enter the site address to see the power of their site( MOZ is a great tool to help you check these factors.) The more DA a site has, the more active they are in link building, and they can link to you.

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But remember not to judge too soon. If their website does not attract your attention, it is better to go to another agency and do the same for that website and compare. After you get the necessary information and tips about the website you want to work with, contact them or make an appointment to talk and negotiate.

What Questions Should You Ask the SEO Agency?

Now you need to contact them or talk to them in person. In this step, you should have good questions to ask and listen to their answers well so that the amount of information and their professionalism will be apparent to you.

Never ask how long it takes for us to rank Google. Do you know why? Because no one knows the answer to this question. SEO is a time-consuming process, and your competitors are as active as you are in this field, and it is not clear when you can reach their level. Instead of asking these kinds of questions, you can ask them:

  • What is your SEO strategy?
  • Why do you think this strategy works?

This is the most critical question you should ask them. SEO is the first and foremost part of the marketing funnel. Currently, more than 65% of the total website traffic in the world is received from Google, and this statistic is extensive. So a professional SEO should, first of all, know the marketing strategies and explain how you can gain customers through SEO.

In today’s world, methods and techniques are not very effective. There are strategies that determine success. Each agency may have its strategies. But SEO revolves around two things:

  1. Quality content
  2. Link building

Your SEO agency should have a regular plan for these two critical factors. Technical SEO is only part of the job. SEO content and building backlinks are things that every SEO agency must be proficient in implementing on your website.

What Statistics Should You Get from Them?

A professional and quality agency will tell you that they will provide you with website progress statistics once a month or every few days. If they do not raise this issue, you should ask them. Because when you outsource work, the only thing that helps you check the performance of an SEO agency is statistics and data.

Here are the statistics you should get from them:

  • Daily and weekly traffic statistics and progress or reversal charts
  • Google entry statistics on your landing pages or sales pages
  • Input statistics from different channels
  • Statistics of bounce rate and bounce rate to analyze the quality of website content
  • Hit the most visited and unvisited pages
  • List of keywords through which your website receives input

Keep in mind that you do not want them to work hard. Extracting all these statistics in Google Analytics and Google Search Console takes less than 20 minutes. So a specialized SEO agency must provide you with these statistics so that you can safely analyze them. A professional SEO agency also provides you with more statistics and tries to explain them to you in simple language to more easily estimate the performance of the SEO website.

Examine Your SEO Budget and Expenses

Indeed a powerful SEO company has higher costs than a start-up. There is no fixed price. You set the price according to your goals. If you have strong competitors and you want to beat them, your costs will increase. If you want more market share, you have to pay more.
But this budget also has its own rules. You need to evaluate and see if these costs are practical for you or not? Can you make a profit with this agency and its fees?

So when sharing all these things with the SEO agency, you can make your final decision and choose the right SEO agency.

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