Search Engine Results Page; What is SERP? How Are they Use in SEO?

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We all have searched for different results thousands of times in our life. But have you ever paid attention to different parts that will be shown in the results? All the parts you see in the results when you search for a keyword is called SERP. This abbreviation (SERP) stands for Search Engine Results Page. The search engine results page is Google’s response to the user’s search.In this article, we will talk about the details and different types of Google search results. Read the following article to get to know more about types of SERPs better.

What Do We Mean by SERPs in SEO?

As we told you before, the search engine results page is Google’s response to the user’s search. SERPs typically include organic search results, Google Ads results, Google Featured Snippet, Knowledge Graph, photos, and Videos. Although Google now shows us specific search results, the main results are divided into two categories: organic results and paid results.paid results and organic resultsBy using Google Ads advertisers can place their ads in front of customers through various Google sites and tools. In this way, the advertiser enters desired phrases or keywords in Google Ads to show their ads to those who search for those phrases. The advertiser also charges a fee for each click. To search for a keyword, Google selects some ads from different advertisers’ suggestions based on specific criteria and shows them to users.Organic results are ranked based on the merit and optimization of your website. These results are the best and most relevant results to show based on Google algorithms.

Organic Results on SERPs

Organic search results are prepared by Google’s sophisticated algorithm that includes more than 200 ranking factors.Although Google’s algorithms details are almost confidential, a number of features of this algorithm have been made public:
  • On-Page SEO: the practice of optimizing web pages for specific keywords in order to improve search visibility and traffic.
  • Off-Page SEO: The number of sites that link to you. It’s also known as backlinks.
  • Website loading speed (site speed)
  • Credibility and trust signals
Components of organic search results include:
  • Title Tag
  • Page link and URL
  • Meta description
Google also occasionally adds features to organic results components. For example, if Google feels the page release date is important, it will display the following result:Organic results features

Google Ads on SERPs

Paid search results are marked with a small icon that says “Ad”. These results are at the top left of the results.Google Ads on SERPsAccording to Rank Ranger statistics, Google ads or paid results are displayed on 51.61% of searches on the first page of Google results.paid results on SERPsFor keywords that are really competitive and valuable, Google also adds paid results at the bottom of the search results pages. Because ads (paid results) appear at the top and bottom of the page, they may surround organic paid results position

What are Featured Snippets in SERPs?

featured or highlighted results are small pieces of content taken from a web page or a video. According to an industry study by Ahrefs, twelve percent of all search results pages contain a featured result.Types of Featured Snippets can be categorized as follows:
  • Frequently Asked Questions or FAQ: A short paragraph in response to searches such as “what” or “who”.
  • Unnumbered lists: Used to display rankings and lists that are in the form of “best…”.
  • Numbered lists: Used in providing instructions, preparation methods, DIY work, or “do it yourself”. And in general, it can be used for any task that requires observing the sequence of steps.
  • Tables (Information Tables): Visually display dates, prices, rates, and any other data displayed in a table or table.
Although most featured results include textual content, Google has added “video featured results” to the results.

Knowledge Graph and Knowledge Panel

Graphs and knowledge panels are usually displayed to the right of natural results.Knowledge Graph and Knowledge PanelThese graphs are boxes that provide specific information and statistics about companies or important people. Most of their information comes from selected sources. Like Wikipedia and Crunch base.

Google Image Results in SERPs

In searches where images may make sense, Google separates and displays results from the Images (Google Images) section for the search keyword. For example, searching for the phrase “Google SERPs” makes sense to display images in search results. You can see the search result for “Google SERPs” below.Google Image Results in SERPs

Google Video Results in SERPs

These types of results usually appear on the search results page as a trio of videos, which has a button titled “More” to display more videos to the user.Google Video Results in SERPs
Eighty-eight percent of video results are taken from YouTube.
It’s not clear how Google decides which queries to display videos on the search results page. But part of that decision probably depends on the keyword itself.SERPs also have other results like:
  • People Also ask
  • Top News
  • Tweeter Results
  • Google Shopping Results
  • Local Suggestions
  • Direct Answer Box
After reading this article, you will understand what does SERPs mean in SEO and how Google results can be displayed on your screen. Search results pages contain statistics and indicators that are important to an SEO or site owner. Awareness of their use and the best way to use these statistics and signs is very important. We hope you find this article useful.
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