Content for Sports Websites; How to Create Sports Content?

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Content for sports websites is based on commercial communication through sports events. Like in many other fields, Nike as a kind of sports website content was the forerunner brand when, at the beginning of the century, it began to sponsor events in which the American brand was the protagonist. Associating sport and brand was a brilliant idea from the beginning.

Content Creation For Sport Website
Content Creation for Sport Website

This new ecosystem that I was talking about is a great challenge for market participants, who ask themselves: “How are we going to satisfy needs that go far beyond what we produce or offer?”

The creation of content for sports websites is responding to these new consumer demands.

Content for sports websites is the harbinger of blessing

All the changes experienced during the current 21st century have produced an enormous transformation of the consumer of the industry, to the point that we can speak of a true mutation. Currently, the client of the sports industry is characterized by:

  • Being an active, autonomous, and self-sufficient person.
  • Have access to a large amount of information.

Yeh, you nailed it! Content for sports websites acts as a winning card. Because searching in the net to get the best product and brand is the routine for everybody now! so why not use the routines to be creative and productive? How? That’s simple! By producing unique content for sports websites, each brand can share its ideas and products as well. Fortunately here you can find out how to create content for a sports website. Let’s get into that:

Appeal to consumer sentiments by telling motivating and inspiring stories

Offer a unique user experience to be remembered. Transmit values, emotions, ways of thinking, and, ultimately, a certain lifestyle.

What type of content for sports websites can be used?

To achieve their objectives, sports brands have found their best ally in content, since they can be distributed online or offline and in different formats, adapted to each client, situation, and purchase phase in which they are:

In general, any valuable content for sports website that seeks to attract and bring companies’ proposals and values ​​closer to the public can be valid. Furthermore, these contents can be distributed through various channels, both offline (paper magazines, radio, television…) and especially online (website, blog, social media, video platforms…).

Have a relevance and clear content for sport website

Currently, the consumer of sports products and articles feels saturated, and even overwhelmed, by the immense amount of messages that he receives every minute, the vast majority of them, intrusive. For this reason, this type of communication is less and less effective. So it is time to bet on increasingly natural and user-friendly communication strategies, characterized by:

Respond to the real problems and concerns of consumers or users.

Give relevance to each marketing or communication action that is launched. Always have a very clear objective, Attraction, conversion, or loyalty. They must bet on user-friendly communication strategies

Inbound marketing through content for sport website

Do you think it is interesting to apply content for sports websites, brands, or businesses, but would you like to go a little further?

In that case, the perfect solution is an inbound marketing project, an innovative online marketing strategy, made up of various techniques, which many sports companies have already started to implement with remarkable success. If you want to learn how to apply it in your sports company, you can download the free ebook How to launch an inbound marketing campaign.

Inbound is a new way of understanding marketing, characterized by being friendly, non-invasive, focused on generating value content, and fully aligned with the new needs of consumers (related to the search for brand values ​​and information on quality and argued to help you solve your problems).

Inbound marketing is a method with a great capacity to create branding, that is, to enhance the brand image indirectly, without using annoying or too explicit messages but by the unique content. To achieve its objectives, inbound marketing is divided into 4 phases:


It begins by attracting users to a website or blog through articles or other content that may be of interest to you.


In this phase, the users, in principle anonymous, stop being so by providing us with their data in exchange for higher quality content. This is what is known as ‘conversion to leads’.


By having their data, especially email, we can monitor these users, maturing them and preparing them for purchase by periodically sending information and content of interest to them.

Closing and loyalty

In this last phase, we try to build customer loyalty, keep them satisfied, and turn them into ambassadors or evangelists for our brand.

To end this article, I would like to bring down all the concepts discussed and illustrate the ideas presented with a specific example, the purchase of a mountain bike, thanks to inbound marketing:

Fernando is 35 years old, he is the father of a family and works as an engineer in a multinational. For some time now, he has been considering starting to lead a more active life and return to his sports routine. The bike was his passion!

He begins to search the internet looking for information about this industry and finds interesting sports website content that teaches him everything he has to know about bicycles and also motivates him and makes him feel part of a lifestyle (attraction phase).

A few days after consuming the first article (a post that talked about the different cycling modalities), fill out a form and download an informative ebook on aspects to consider when choosing your first bicycle (conversion phase).

After consuming more content, Fernando downloads pdf and views a video that refers to how to correctly choose your mountain bike depending on the modality practiced. The user approaches the sale (education phase).

Fernando continues to ponder his decision and compare different proposals. However, the fact that that brand or distributor, from which he continues to receive valuable content, motivated and inspired him to enter the world of cycling, ends up deciding the decision (closing phase).

Also, this story does not end here. Fernando closely follows all the content that is published, as it helps him to improve and resolve certain doubts and, also, he recommends it to his closest circle. You have become a prescriber of our content and/or brand (loyalty phase).

See! Fernando by using the inbound strategy that dealt with unique content for sport website purchased his bike. And here you could Feel how content is effective on the audiences

Storytelling in content for sport website

Telling creative stories about the link between the digital brand and the sport where the investment is made is attractive and causes greater empathy with sports users. Many use themes related to emotions such as effort, the pursuit of achievements, suffering, the joy of reaching goals, and the feeling that the sport itself arouses. In short, emotional marketing is in its purest form!

Success stories in the use of content marketing in sports

Below I leave you with a series of ideas from sports companies that are achieving enormous results thanks to this content marketing.

Runner’s World Running is in fashion

The parks are filled with runners, the races are exhausting numbers in a matter of minutes and in some marathons (eg, New York or London) there is a waiting list. This has been well understood by Runner’s World magazine, which has opted for a content strategy with all kinds of practical information for runners, whatever their level.

Race calendar, analysis of sports equipment, training plans, health, or news about the runner are some of the examples of the content they generate. They also complement their strategy with a very active presence on social networks.

Cycling is another sport that is in fashion

With the arrival of good weather, the roads, bike paths, and paths filled with lovers of this sport. Another example of the success that the sport of two wheels is having is the proliferation of specialized stores on their website they have chosen to create content for their target audience. Material (components, accessories, equipment …), all kinds of information on mountain or road bikes, mechanics, training, information on competition schedules, etc. are some of the examples.

Vitónica another example of mass sport

At Vitónica they have known how to visualize it and have opted for a strategy based on content marketing with useful information for fitness lovers, with training routines, advice, a healthy lifestyle, diets, diet, equipment, etc. so that those who choose the gym as their sports option find everything they need in Vitónica. These are some cases in which you can see that a marketing strategy with good content is successful.

Brands play their trump card by using content for sport website

As you can see, sports and the Internet form a well-matched marriage. The user accesses the network to collect all kinds of information, interact with other users, to share their training with friends and colleagues. And content for sports websites is one of the best options to retain users, attract new customers, and generate more income through advertising, subscriptions, or eCommerce.

I hope that the content of this post has served you and that, with this last example, you have been able to get an idea of how content for a sports websites is crucial to attract and retain customers.

And, do you have experience in sports marketing and would like to go one step further with an inbound marketing project? Contact us or leave us your comment and we will help you make your project a reality.

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