Content Marketing in Sport Industry; How to do Marketing in Sports Industry?

One of the big moneymaker industries all around the world is the Sport industry that always has proven to have its dedicated fans.

One of the big moneymaker industries all around the world is the Sports industry that always has proven to have dedicated fans. They look for fresh sports content on football, basketball, wrestling, or any other type of game to quench their taste for their sports carvings.

If you’re seeking fresh opportunities to cultivate deeper relationships with your fans as a sports marketer, you need to consider these  5 sports marketing trends to be inspired by them while producing sports content for your audience.


The exponential growth rate of eSport shows its popularity in recent years. By having the profitable characteristic of this form of organized, multiplayer video game competition in mind, well-known sports communities such as Spanish football team Real Madrid and Tottenham Hotspur Football Club have invested billions of dollars in eSport.


This huge amount of investment suggests to us that one of the dominant trends in sports would be eSport and you should apply it in any form of content marketing in the sport you’re planning to produce for years to come.

Women in sports

Covering Women’s news in sports is a global trend, from the Australian women’s football league to UK female football teams. Studies show that 84% of sports fans find women’s sport much more progressive and inspiring. Furthermore, women offer more advantages over their male counterparts since up to 80% of purchasing decisions are estimated to be made by the female audience of sports websites or social channels.

Thus by giving more space to women in your sports content you can expect to reap real economic rewards. This is a proven technique in content marketing in sport.


Cause Marketing  

“Cause-related marketing” is when a for-profit organization or public figures support a social issue to produce both profit and societal benefits as mutual profit. Successful examples of causing marketing in sports were “The Girl Can’ of Sport England’s 2015 campaign that promoted a social responsibility to encourage women to be involved in sports, as well as the Nike Women’s World Cup in 2019.

Thus a cause marketing practice, that’s executed properly, would not only increase the number of your audience and fans but also attract sponsors and financial support for the team you are working on to promote via content marketing in sport or any other form of digital marketing. 

AR and VR

Sports content does not only include what you publish on your blog or website but also uses available platforms such as Instagram (business account) and Snapchat to leave a massive influence on global audiences outside of stadiums.

Augmented reality (AR) and Virtual reality (VR) are two universal trends that help sports markets to bump up revenues in 2019. Virtual replacement technologies come to help sports marketers to provide their audience with different sports content and ads, based on their location or sports interests.


Social Channels 

As we mentioned before, it’s very important to recognize the importance of social media when it comes to planning sports content marketing in the sports industry.

Twitter and Instagram are two examples of social channels where you can turn followers into sports fans and vica versa. Producing fresh, creative, and continuous sports content on both stories and live streams gives you this chance to build a prime advertising space and collect revenues.

For instance, behind the scenes on training sessions of a team, weekly Love Talks with influential athletes, or fun facts about your fans’ idols!


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