Content Marketing in Travel Industry; What are the Trends in Travel Industry?

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While travel industry marketing trends have taken a lot of twists and turns and while it may seem to be consolidating, do not hold your breath on that. In fact, the travel marketing scene is one of the fastest evolving industries to adapt and evolve in our rapidly transforming world, therefore it’s essential to hold this fact as the first prophecy for succeeding in the content marketing for travel.

In other words, a top trend today will not last for long. And yes, it will keep us on our toes, but the good news is that this also means top players today are also on eggshells, which gives all players no matter their size, the opportunity to play their cards right and succeed in attracting customers.

So once you have taken this basic rule to heart let’s get down to actual content marketing trends that are dominating the travel market currently.

5 Noticeable Travel Industry Content Marketing Trends

Access to information

One of the basic principles of content marketing. Customers today are in search of practical, to the point, information. Spotting areas of interest that have not been totally explored and described that are of interest to our niche market are great tools to create interest and gain trust.

Hearing the Customers out

Marketing is no longer a one-way road. Customers are using all channels available to express their feedback, their questions, and opinions. In travel trends specifically, taking our customer’s words and responding through creating content is a great way to gain attention and recognition.

Also, the trend of broadcasting customer-created content is gaining more and more momentum which should be seriously considered as a part of the content marketing strategy. Of course, this content has to have the required quality and alignment with the entire strategy for it to be fruitful.

Sell the experience

While purchasing souvenirs and taking shots with iconic structures used to be hot for the travel market, times have changed and customers are now looking to enhance their experiences through travel. Travelers don’t just want to sit in the back seat anymore, the driver’s weal and the adrenaline sensation of holding that wheel is the new trend in domestic and international travel nowadays. So don’t undermine this trend and try to enhance it.

Invest in visual content

The image that you display is going to the be the core of your campaign the icing on the cake, make it one of kind, making it the one delicacy which we swear to taste no matter the cost. Reach the heart of your customers through the visuals, get them thrilled by the images. With this purpose, many travel sites have provided a live feed of popular sites, but the color, experience, and inspiration that you want to portray can’t be converted by such a visual strategy. So be sure you’re the ultimate purpose of visual enhancement is not lost in the execution of the strategy.

Which channel to broadcast through

Track where your potential customers are searching for content. Trends can vary depending on the platform your customers are using. Focus on one or two platforms initially, whether it’s Facebook or YouTube and gradually add another platform to your scope. Additionally, have in mind that our smartphones have become our primary choice in travel-related searches. So be sure your content is accessible with its best UX on mobile sets.

Once you’ve fully grasped the principles and your information on your customers is complete, you can plan your strategy and start moving toward creating trendy marketing content for the travel industry. Don’t forget the quality over quantity.

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