Content Writing Techniques; 7 Top Techniques You Must Not Miss

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In this post, I will tell you about the top content writing techniques currently used in content marketing. I will also share some ideas to improve your performance and the quality of the content (organization, timing, etc.) when writing all kinds of texts. As you may well know, currently, the competition on the Internet in terms of promotion, content marketing, and organic positioning of websites is fierce.

Why use different content writing techniques?

We all know how to write today, although in some cases, that could be presupposing too much. How many people know how to write different and creative content that maintains good quality, is optimized for their positioning, and is also concise, clear, and attractive for users?

It seems simple, but as you know, it is not so much, and there are always points of improvement that must be polished to offer quality content to reach your users and make them feel attracted. The Internet is full of information and content that surely talks about the topics you want to discuss (both good and poor quality). In those cases, the typical “search, find and improve” may not help you because it is no longer enough to write content and position it.


Copywriting, the primary persuasive content writing techniques

Copywriting is one of the main persuasive content writing techniques and consists of writing attractive texts for the user that generates interaction on their part. The principle on which this writing technique is based is closely linked with the concept of inbound marketing. This means that the task of the advertising text goes beyond the typical promotional text since the central idea is to provide value to the user. It is not perceived as simple advertising, but as a type of useful information that can take advantage of. Therefore, it is essential to follow a series of guidelines when you use this writing technique.

Concision and simple  content

For example, offering an exclusive ebook or course for a time X, in which the user can obtain valuable information about the product or service (tips, tricks, instructions for use,…) in which he is interested in exchange for carrying out a conversion on the web (request a quote, buy a product …).

► Don’t go overboard with keyword density

► Influence the imagination of users through suggestions to reach their sensitive fiber

We achieve this by:

Do not abuse the use of exclamations, hyperbole, and adjectives to describe your services, products, or content, since the more you use, the more it will seem that they have to be decorated.

Flashy messages like “Imagine having 2,000 new subscribers every month.”


Storytelling, the attractive content writing techniques

Storytelling is the art of telling a story well and catching the user in it. This is achieved by creating a unique atmosphere through which to reach the reader’s imagination through the literary figure of the story. Storytelling in Content Marketing is a very effective and creative persuasive writing technique.

This is because it manages to connect very well with users. After all, it helps them convince themselves and get into the character and the story. For this, it is important to know how you should plan the story, that is, the plot, the characters, and what you want to get with it.

Of course, learning to write suggestive short stories is not something you learn in a couple of days, but practice will teach you what works in your content and what doesn’t. Do your best to tell stories with a close and different touch and focus them on goals that are profitable for you and of interest to users. In this way, you will become a magnificent prescriber with the advantages that this entails.

Record a video and transcribe it later

Record a video and transcribe it later

This is one of the content writing techniques that many p Professionals and experts nowadays use to save time since it is usually a faster way to write content than traditional methods.

This technique is effective only if the publisher or author of the content is very proficient in the subject and can improvise on the subject that will be dealt with in the video since otherwise, you will have to prepare a script in advance. In the end, it will be more practical to write the article directly and later record the video, including everything that has not been covered in the written content.

Once the video is recorded, you only have to transcribe the information. This exercise can save you quite a bit of time and will also make your texts seem much more natural and close.

interview content


It is a type of content writing technique different from the rest since it is based on a conversation that two interlocutors have and that the author then puts in common with the users. That is, they have a different sense of information than traditional articles in which the author talks about a topic to users.

Its structure may vary depending on the type of interview that is carried out:

► Question-answer type interview

It is a typical interview in which the interviewer asks a series of questions and the interviewee answers them to later transcribe it generally in the same order in which the questions are asked and answered.

► Reported Interview

This is a particular type of interview since once the questions and answers are clear, the interview is transcribed in the form of an article in which the information extracted from it is collected in a different way from the classic question structure. -answer.

News and actuality

News and actuality

This is another way to obtain quality viral content that is attractive to your users.

It is not a content writing technique in itself, as it is rather a type of content with a series of specific characteristics, but I have thought it important to include it in this list.

The news and current affairs are a great way to get the attention of your users since they will always be fresh topics and they tend to be quite interesting when they appear, although they lose strength over time depending on what topic.

It is a good way to generate more traffic and retain your users, but it has the danger that the content may have a certain seasonality (it only makes sense to publish and broadcast it at certain times of the year) and/or obsolescence (they become too outdated soon for the time invested).

Research, success stories, and personal experiences

Research, success stories, and personal experiences

This content writing technique type is one of the most demanded by users and the one that generates the most engagement in them since there is nothing better than explaining how you have managed to achieve something or tell some successful professional or personal experience than to people are interested and from whom they can learn to get the same results as you, I assure you.

This type of content is quite appropriate if you master a specific subject very well and think that you can contribute something new. This occurs a lot in sectors where there is strong competition and a culture of intense innovation and research due to its constant technological and technical evolution, such as online marketing.

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