Email Marketing Tips; 19 Effective Email Marketing Tips in 2021

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All business goals can vary greatly depending on their industry and their customers. In this article, we want to give you a list of the most important email marketing tips. We will show you 19 ways to increase the number of subscribers and maintain them. We also see how to have a successful and sustainable email marketing process.

1. Identify the needs of your customers

Find out what can be valuable to your customers, then start creating user-friendly content.

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2. Provide a page for users to subscribe to the newsletters

A newsletter subscription page is one of the email marketing tips that should have all the features needed to better understand users and persuade them to subscribe.

3. Use conventional A/B Testing

This test can be used to find out which standards worked best for your list members. Using different styles of different colors and fonts will allow you to test your site visitors and find out what registration form they are interested in and prefer it to other forms (in appearance).

4. Newsletter list should be visible and available

To subscribe to the newsletter, you must place the registration form for the newsletter list members in a convenient place, even higher than many other sections. This will make the relevant form more visible to users, and as a result, they will be more likely to join.

5. Use the easy registration and membership process

Try to make the process of registering and subscribing to users as fast and straightforward as you can, because usually users, even non-professionals to non-professionals, are not interested in spending time curious about newsletter membership forms and the like. If you have a question about making the user registration process more accessible, we have to answer very simply that you can reduce the number of fields in the registration form as much as possible and keep only the necessary fields.
Do not forget that the problematic registration and membership process may cause the person who intends to register to dissuade, and perhaps the easy registration and membership process may persuade someone who did not even want to join the system.

6. Publish your previous newsletters

one of the other email marketing tips is to publish the website’s previous content that you sent through the newsletter. For example, share training courses or serial content or informative content, or important news from your last newsletters on blogs or social media pages to familiarize users with the topics and types of content they will receive in your newsletter.

7. Do not stop sending newsletter emails

Email marketing is a tool to empower you and bring you closer to building long-term relationships with your customers. So if you want your customers to trust you more, you need to do your ongoing activities consistently and consistently.

8. Send users emails about website news and practical tutorials

One of the worries and concerns of users about subscribing to newsletters and subscription systems is that they are worried that their email space will be filled with too many annoying messages. Therefore, it is better to make this clear to them and tell them that emails will not be sent to them every day and only important and valuable points are given priority. By doing this, you can prove that you are not a spammer.

9. Have a Strong Privacy Policy

Privacy is very important not only in the real world, but also in the virtual world, and almost all people make privacy one of their most important priorities. So it’s very simple that you should do something to make users feel safe in your emails. To do this, it is better to clarify the status of the privacy policy in your activities and actions for users. For this, let them know why you need their information and how you use that information.

10. Pay attention to schedules

Display the newsletter subscription form at the appropriate time. When a user is satisfied with the experience on your website, there is definitely a much better chance that the user will subscribe to the newsletter. For example, a user who has viewed a valuable and informative article or video on your site is more likely to subscribe when encountering a newsletter subscription form.

11. Pay attention to the formatting of newsletter emails

The appearance of your email template is one of the most significant issues you need to focus on. In this regard, make sure that these templates are attractive and well-designed and comfortable and understandable even before the photos inside the template are opened!

12. Use share buttons in your newsletters

Another important step is to add share buttons to emails. These buttons make it much easier to share your content because of the easy way to share it. In this case, if a user enjoys your content and wants to share it, he can do so as soon as possible with the help of share buttons. But if there are no such buttons and even one user wants to do so, they will probably give up because it is challenging to share manually.

13. Add the Call to Action feature to your site

Use the Call to Action feature on your website. Using this feature, by adding a Call to Action to the footer of each page of your site, you can encourage your users to share that content. Call to Action refers to inviting users to do something specific, for example, “Enter your email in the box below to send you a free e-book of 100 SEO tips” This is a Call to Action or invitation to action is. You can use Call to Actions to significantly increase the conversion rate of visitors to site members.

14. Categorize user’s favorite topics

Try to use different categories and allow users to select topics to access the content related to their request. Also, use this category in the Email Campaigns section. You can use several different newsletter lists to do this.

15. Focus on content quality

Make sure you provide the same content that is relevant to your field of activity and your users’ interests. Pay attention to users’ opinions and produce and publish specific content based on their needs, by doing so, you will definitely be more valuable and effective for your users.
The important point here is that the success of email marketing does not require effort to attract as many users as possible, but depends on trying to maintain and establish an effective relationship with existing subscribers.

16. Provide e-books and manuals

One of the appropriate measures to increase the site’s conversion rate and get more emails is to offer to receive the email address of users to send the download link of e-books to their email. People will always be satisfied with the information, even in part, especially if it comes from a reputable site. So giving an email in exchange for downloading this information for free would probably be a great deal for transaction users.

17. Create competition!

If you have a competition for users on your site, you can easily access users’ emails through this method. You can even attract more visitors. For example: For users who enter their email in the subscription section of the site newsletter or subscribe to your site, offer a particular service or discount code at the first moment. Another example in this field is holding competitions to introduce new users, which is also very welcome. Give great rewards to users who introduce more people to your website.

18. Use user feedback

If a user decides to unsubscribe from your newsletter after a while, or in other words, refuses to subscribe to your newsletter, try to find out the reason.

19. Encourage users

Often users are persuaded to do something with just a simple encouragement. one the effective email marketing tips is encouraging users. encouraging them in different ways and ways, you can subscribe to a large number of these people in your newsletter system.

We tried to give you the best email marketing tips. Lastly, never forget to be honest with your users and be creative and patient with them. Your behavior and support will undoubtedly be one of the points that will attract users to you.

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