Update Old Blog Posts; How to do It with 100% Improved SEO?

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The answer to these questions is very simple and clear: yes, to update old blog posts is to be optimized!

According to Catherine Marr, your blog represents your business. This shows your level of awareness of your business, provides valuable information to keep your customers interested, and a key factor in a successful SEO strategy. So if you haven’t posted for a while and your information and posts haven’t been updated, you’ve deprived yourself of a very valuable and efficient expression. Also, the package of your program and the type of your site, this can lead to a decrease in the ranking of your site in search engines.

Update old blog posts and its impact on SEO and Google

Imagine if a user came across your site and clicked on update old blog posts that contained old information. Do you expect this visitor to visit your site next time?Improve your SEO

If a user notices that your site information is incorrect and outdated, they may assume that your knowledge of your activity is incomplete or that you do not care about the quality of the information provided to your customers.

Provide accurate and reliable information

One of the features of Internet users is that they do not pay attention to the content of the sites. These users may come across some update old blog posts and content due to the internet search they have done. If these posts are no longer accurate and reliable, they may reflect the negative features of your site. Note that update old blog posts can harm the minds of visitors to your site and can cause long-term problems for your site.

Another reason for the regular updating of your site is that old content can hurt your site’s SEO. In general, Google is more inclined to show sites with a long history and fixed content, and from this point of view, update old blog posts can be useful for SEO.

Three scenarios for the negative impact of update old blog posts

If your blog is old and hasn’t been updated for a long time, Google will put your blog at the bottom of the search results, given the importance of updating sites. That’s why it’s important to update old blog posts and write new content consistently.

Your old blog posts can be optimized according to outdated SEO standards, but this type of old standards can lead to damage. For example, before 2011, adding a large number of keywords could be helpful depending on the content of your posts. But today, that could lead to more sanctions by Google.

keyword uses in SEO

You may want to put different keywords on your old blog posts. With that in mind, Google can show you a lot of the twists and turns of your site, some of which can be found in the top rankings of your search engine, which can make it very difficult to place your desired posts at the top of search results. Slow down.

Always keep in mind that updating content is much cheaper than creating new content

Quality takes precedence over quantity

Creating new content is very expensive and therefore old blog posts should be considered as a business asset and like any other business, old blog posts should be maintained. The common misconception is that webmasters think that the more content they put into their site, the more useful and better it is, and that’s why such people don’t pay attention to update old blog posts.

But the truth is that quality always takes precedence over quantity

Marketing content may be thought of in such a way that the more you post, the more traffic you get. Although this strategy may have been effective five years ago and may still be effective today, it is not of the required quality.

Users are more involved in the quantity of content and it is certainly the best way to create a reliable and lovable brand for everyone. The surest way to survive in a competitive online marketplace is to create the conditions that show that you care about your users, which is why you need to pay attention to updating your content.

To what extent do you need to update old blog posts?

The answer to this question can be given according to the type of activity you have in mind and the nature of your site will be different, but certainly, a reliable and useful method can be a complete visit and an annual review. time to update blog post

RankPay marketing expert Sam Warren stressed that managers need to annually edit and check the overall content of their site and create a list of that content, and the larger the list, the more likely you are to want to expand the update process.

If you are a competitive business and need high speed of action and innovation, you may need to update your content, especially on topics such as law, business and economics, and marketing.

You need to look more closely at the Google mechanism and the company’s search engine. When you search for a topic, you have a lot of options available, and you’re more likely to click on the high-ranking, updated Google search engine options. Also, in case of a special event and change in your business, be sure to update your site and content this month.

How to update old blog posts

Updating a post may seem like a time consuming and complicated process, depending on the amount of time you spend producing your post. Sometimes this update can only be accompanied by a few new sentences or photos.

Analyze old blog posts

You may have more than a handful of posts on your site, and in such cases, updating all of the site’s content seems really out of the question. Instead, you should try to separate the items that are at the top of the search engine by analyzing your posts. These are the posts that attract the most traffic to your site and have the potential to be effective in the future.

You can analyze your data using Google, make sure you make the necessary changes to the items you are reviewing. Also, don’t forget to update the posts that are currently in the top rankings of Google, to make sure they stay on top of the search table.

Research your business

Note that any news can be a good subject for updating your content. After doing enough research on, always ask yourself if the new content has the potential to rise in Google rankings.

Examine your criteria

Notice how users interact with your posts, which include the amount of time spent on the pages and the speed of jumping between posts, all of which can be done with the help of Google Analytics. If the number of visits is low, you can improve it by updating it, you can also update your posts by checking users’ comments and adding to their probability questions. You can also use your user metrics to improve posts. These criteria and standards can help you understand why the site is not improving even after the update.

Perform SEO analysis

Make sure your SEO is updated and up-to-date by checking keywords, as using the right keywords can guarantee good performance and high traffic to your site. Be sure to note that these keywords are tailored to change users’ habits and interests over time. Use Google Search to get to know the latest keywords that users are searching for.

How can we update old blog posts to improve SEO?

Updating old blog posts can be as valuable and rewarding as creating a new post. Note that to have a good and efficient SEO strategy, you need consistent, high-quality posts. Then you need to optimize them with the related keywords and add photos and 1 if needed. You can also use optimized posts to increase your site traffic through social media or email marketing.

Note that sometimes your keywords may lose their functionality and not have a positive effect on Google rankings. For this purpose, you should always be familiar with the keywords related to the post and update them.

Other ways to increase old SEO posts
  • Increase post length
  • Add optimized titles and descriptions
  • Avoid using old, non-functional keywords
  • Link related posts to get users’ attention and refer them to other content
  • Add related images and…

the best way to update old blog posts

What is the best way to update old blog posts?

Note that updating alone does not always work. Some posts require more time and attention, and in this way, you can use the results of your research to determine exactly what should be used to get the right result. Always use the experiences you have gained while improving your posts, content, and photos.

You can use the following approaches and methods to recover update old blog posts:

Turn your posts into infographics

Use the content of your posts to create a compelling and simple info-graphic. This is a great way to get your message across to your audience.

Use new data

Update old blog posts with new data such as up-to-date statistics and news.

Updating posts on social networks

You can update and improve posts on social networks according to the wishes and interests of users.

You should always ask yourself

Have my posts kept their freshness yet? What can I add to it? Is there more data that can improve my post? Can my post have a positive effect on users? Do we have everything we need to improve our site?

Always look for the best posts

Always consider your post as the showcase of the site and your best post. This is the best way to collect old blog posts and retrieve and update them in the best possible way.

You can use video to update old blog posts

This method is very effective and practical, especially for educational items and other similar posts. By recording a video, you can draw your users’ attention to older posts and increase their chances of sharing them on social media.

Use local and partial recovery methods

If the new data you intended for the update is not appropriate for your posts, note that in most cases, users’ attention is drawn to the photos and titles of the post, and you can greatly improve your post by modifying and placing these sections.

Don’t overlook valuable details in improving your site

You can add some side information, such as “About the Author” and other things, in addition to improving the SEO of the site, also attract the attention of users.


You do not need new posts until you have enough old recovered posts. You also need to make sure that the posts you are using are good and effective, that they are time-consuming and costly, and that you can get the results you want.

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