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Talking about content marketing is always about how to generate sales. Either in the form of SEO, brand awareness, or lead generation, which makes business people create content to increase their business growth. Now the question is, is your content persuasive enough to turn visitors into leads? What do you know about content writing solutions?

What are the content writing solutions?

Not all content that you create will be successful. Some of the content that you make may drive viral conversions or generate traffic to your blog, while other content will be lost in the archive. However, as a marketer or business owner, you’ll always want to write content that is persuasive to change the visitor’s leads and become your loyal customers. And writing content that generates conversions isn’t magic.

Using certain target keywords

One way is to target certain keywords in the blog content, and Google will index and rank the content pages. In addition, publishing more content on your blog can help you convert more visitors into prospects and even customers. Then, how do you create content that specifically drives purchases or conversions? Let’s go over a few content writing solutions you can use to increase conversions when creating content.

Create an attention-grabbing title

The foundation of a great content writing solution is to create a catchy title. A bad title will make your article invisible or drown. Ted Nichols, copywriting expert, states that 73 percent of purchasing decisions are made when customers feel ‘connected to the headline. Or in other words, whether the prospect will decide to buy your product or not depends on your headline.
73% of purchasing decisions are made when the customer feels ‘connected’ to the headline but, to attract the attention of your website visitors, don’t make a title that doesn’t match the content, aka clickbait. That is, you make a bombastic title and make people curious about the title, but when you click it, the content doesn’t connect.

Make sure the content of the content matches the title

Getting clicks on your title is only half of the series content marketing that attracts leads. What matters is ensuring that the content matches your headline, an important part of attracting conversions. If your content doesn’t match the headline, visitors will likely leave your site without further involvement.

Write Like Talking

In creating good content, the way you write can make your content easy to read and personal. Then, do you write the way you speak? Seth Godin, a renowned author, and marketing expert who has produced more than 15 bestselling books, believes that writing as you talk is the easiest way to express yourself better. You can imagine chatting with friends where you are free to express yourself and allow your friends to respond. Writing this way will increase your engagement and sales.

“Writing as you speak is the easiest way to express yourself better” – Seth Godin.

Remember that marketing content that can attract leads is usually content that can move and engage human emotions. This will increase the perceived value of reading your content. Your readers will relate to your message, especially when you start with storytelling. To be a good content writer, make reading your habit or hobby. Apart from being a better and more productive writer, this will also help improve your content writing solutions.

Easy to Read

Most of your site visitors spend less than 15 seconds on your site. This means that people tend to read content quickly instead of reading it word for word. In 1997, Jakob Nielsen conducted a website usage study and found that 79 percent of website users were more likely to scan than read.
Therefore, if your content is difficult to scan because it contains long sentences and paragraphs, chances are your visitors will get bored and won’t last longer visiting your blog. At worst, they will visit your competitors’ websites to find and read content that is easier to understand.
Your writing to attract and drive conversions to your business must cover three aspects: good content, good design, and good ideas. To make the content easy to scan, you can follow the tips, which can be done below:

Short paragraph

Write only short paragraphs. We recommend that each section consists of 3-4 sentences. You can break the content into short paragraphs to make it easier to digest for your readers.

Use an attractive Subheader

Readers need to be drawn back to find pieces of content that catch their eye. By using a compelling subheader, you can satisfy your readers’ curiosity and stay engaged with them.

Use bullet points

You must ensure that your content does not strain the eyes of readers when reading your blog by using bullet points. Because the bullet points protrude from the pages of your site, this makes the entire content section easier to read and understand.

Add it with a Call-to-Action

Creating blog content without call-to-action is like semi-finished content. If you want better results, it’s a good idea to include a call to action in your content. You can offer a call-to-action such as an email or newsletter subscription form, watch a video or take specific steps that will benefit them at the end of each article you publish.
Remember, never complain that your content is not successful in getting conversions unless you provide a call-to-action in the content. Last but not least, you should also test to find out the best placement for your call-to-action.
In addition to the five content writing solutions above, whenever you create content to attract leads, remember that good content will not have a big impact if it is not distributed well. You can promote the content you have created on Social Media or the marketing channels you have. Optimize content so that it increases the ranking and readership of your content in search engines.
Don’t forget emotional ties or involvement in your content writing. Something relatable to a person’s circumstances, the state of the day or time when the content is published also affects the reader’s desire for what you offer.
So how? Follow these content writing solutions, and be prepared to receive an influx of potential visitors. Good luck!

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