Fitness Blog Posts; 10 Awesome Blog Post Ideas You Must Know

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Nowadays with a huge flood of people who are enthusiastic about fitness and wellbeing, fitness blogs are highly required. Should you be willing about methods of promoting your fitness blog, keep reading this article for 10 awesome fitness blog ideas.

How and where to start your fitness blog?

Hey, done is better than perfect! okay? It might seem tricky at first to come up with the right blog post ideas and the businesslike strategies of content creating for a fitness blog.
Keep reading and we will provide you with 10 awesome fitness blog post ideas while expanding the context.

Why Fitness Blogs?

Thanks to long-term plans and strategies from governments, societies are now more than ever passionate and curious about fitness, well-being, and general health.
There is an infinite number of people out there searching for efficient ways to add exercise to their to-do lists, eat better, and generally educate themselves about their body and its health.
Now it’s time for you to step in and shine with your helpful fitness blog post ideas.

12 Major Topics and Great Ideas on How to Categorize them

Speaking of fitness, there are many various workout categories that you as a fitness blog post writer need to consider and categorize. Here are some of the main branches:

  1. Endurance
  2. Running
  3. Spinning
  4. Zumba
  5. Cardio
  6. Plyometrics
  7. Strength training
  8. Yoga
  9. Cross fit
  10. Stretching
  11. Pilates
  12. Water Aerobics

After mentioning them carefully sorted in a list or a plan, you need to dig deep enough into each one and investigate the different aspects in order to create quality content.
Here are 10 awesome ideas on how to create a perfect blog on your fitness blog:

1. Describe What is the Workout?

The following step after naming the fitness workout is to describe as comprehensible as possible what the workout is all about. You can use both specialized and general terms in order to explain and clarify the workout and its main functions.
This way not only does your audience understand exactly what they are looking for but they also figure out specifically what to expect from the workout.

2. Clarify and Attract by using Visual Content:

First of all, including accurate visual content such as motions, stickers, pictures or videos makes it much easier and likable for the audience to read your fitness blog posts.
Showcasing the appropriate way that a specific exercise is being done by a fitness expert, takes your blog post to another level and makes it more professional and worthwhile.

3. Audience Wants to Know What Does s/he Accomplish by Doing this Fitness Exercise

Your audience has reached a fitness blog post because of a reason! The best you can do is to explain through various forms how exactly this specific fitness workout helps.
These are the most essential questions that need to be answered in your fitness blog post:

  • Which muscle groups are being targeted by this fitness exercise?
  • How does this category of fitness workout benefit the body and soul?
  • Do your audience necessarily need to participate in a class or can they exercise with online sessions?
  • How often and how long should this particular fitness workout be done per week?
  • If the fitness workout needs to be done at the gym, What kind of equipment does it acquire?
  • Are there any limits on age or physical conditions? (i.e. people with certain injuries and problems such as backache or knee pain might have to stop doing the fitness exercise or use a brace.)
  • Last but not least, how many calories are being burned during this specific workout?

4. Motivate Your Audience with Your Fitness Blog Posts!

What is it that makes it so hard for us to enroll in a fitness class? Maybe we don’t really know how important fitness and well-being are.
Beneficial fitness blog posts including articles and facts about the value of exercise are the answer to this lack of knowledge.
Related podcasts, energetic music, or motivating quotes come in handy in terms of motivation.
Using them, you have stepped into a win-win journey that gradually convinces and educates the audience of your fitness blog about the significant consequences of having a fitness workout on a daily basis.

5. Make It as Affordable as Possible

People work hard and long and they prefer to save money as much as possible. It’s just simple like that. Fitness blog posts that help them to do that, win.
One awesome idea about fitness blog posts is providing programs that enable people to have a fitness workout schedule to track when working from home or on an office break. I can’t stress enough how these blog posts will definitely be appreciated.

6. Make their Time Worth It!

We always hear people making different excuses about time and they have every right to do so! One thing your blog posts can do is to convince them that the time spent on fitness and health is absolutely worth it. Make sure your fitness blog posts help your audience. To do this, always stay updated, and don’t forget to update your old blog posts.

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Now your fitness blog posts come in handy by providing the audience with a suitable plan and a flexible schedule.
One brilliant fitness blog post idea is to design a very fitting and personal fitness plan due to everybody’s specific timing and preferences. Just think about it!

7. Invest in the Beginners

As it was mentioned before, so many people are willing to learn more about fitness and health nowadays. But everybody knows when and how to hit the road.
Here is how your fitness blog posts can help this group of audience:

  • Inspire and motivate them to start strongly
  • Introduce fitness YouTube channels that are specifically made for f absolute beginners
  • Help them find and enroll in a good local gym or online class
  • Encourage them to have a weekly schedule specifically dedicated to fitness and workout
  • Provide a helpful guide to fitness for beginners by gathering enough and fresh information
  • Be there for them in order to stay prepared and willing as beginners to this long journey

8. Provide Fitness’s Audience with Meal Plans

No in-shape body appears only with exercising. Meal planning blog posts alongside professional fitness blog posts build a perfect combination for those who love being fit and healthy.
The good news is by adding some factors and suggestions on the meal planning part your fitness blog gains a great deal of potential of having a new set of eyes.
Service your potential audience by informing them about the following factors on a perfect diet:

  • Educate them how important it is to have a meal plan and stick to it
  • You need to come up with strategies to help them save money by meal planning
  • Just like the part I suggested you in the Invest on the Beginners part, provide the user with the complete beginner’s guide to meal planning blog posts
  • Teach them to step by step how, to begin with, meal planning properly
  • After investing enough time in the audiences’ desire, prepare the best and easiest chicken/fish/beef/egg meal recipes
  • Keep in mind that the recipes and integrates must be affordable. so suggest recipes for meal prepping on a budget in various meal and fitness planning blog posts

9. Let’s Pack our Bags! Shall We?

Your fitness blog posts have educated the audience on the benefits of workouts, diet, and fitness. They have also suggested realistic plans that cut the corner in terms of economy and time. The audience will no longer spare any effort since they are fully convinced that fitness and wellbeing are definitely worth it. ( thanks to your brilliant fitness blog posts!)
Now it’s the perfect time to go to the sweetest part of preparing for a fitness journey. Here is a list of the most essential things to take with them to a gym or online exercise course:

  • Sneakers: There is nothing more off-putting than getting to the gym with improper shoes. Tell your audience to keep in mind that good snickers are the first thing to be packed in a gym bag. Needless to mention that socks are as important.
  • Headphones and music: An essential for a good gym experience (especially if you are a music freak) is a pair of headphones. Motivating music has the power to spice things up. Add headphones to one of your coolest fitness blog posts.
  • Water Bottle: it can also be noted in meal planning blog posts that staying hydrated is essential during workouts. They need to make sure to keep a bottle of water close by during their workout even if there is a chance to buy one later in the gym. Using a reusable water bottle is the best recommendation made as they are environmentally friendly.
  • Gym Clothes: some of your fitness blog posts must contain tips on preparing suitable and comfortable gym clothes. An easy way to remember what you’ve packed is to make a small list as you go and pin it to your bag. It depends completely on the exerciser’s gender, age, and preferences.
  • Towels: mention in your fitness blog posts that not always the gym towels get the job done. There is no harm in ensuring that you have an extra clean towel.

10. Invite Your Audience to Stay in Touch Using Email Opt-Ins

Prepare some templates for Opt-In emails and engage with the both potential and long-term audience of your fitness blog posts.

Any other awesome ideas on how to come up with brilliant fitness blog posts? Share with us, please.

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