Freelance Content Writer; How to Become a Freelance Content Writer?

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For years, I have written independently for newspapers and magazines as a way of being part of income, thus complementing my full-time job. But this year, I’ve deliberated going after freelance blogging instead of print publishing, to the point where I now make over $ 2,000 a month as a writer (not including my blog income or my full-time salary).

Becoming a freelance content writer is not an easy task at first; however, I have found it to be much more exciting and satisfying. It is worth making the effort.

Let’s talk about what it means to become a freelance content writer

To write a good post, you must first have done some research, and add to the writing time, and it can take anywhere from 90 minutes to 3 hours to write your best material. Usually, I can research and write a good post in 90 minutes if I’ve given it some thought first (I think while exercising, driving, showering, etc.). So if you plan to do something independently, make sure you have a little extra time. I write 6 to 7 posts a week (plus the 7-10 I do for my blog) so that’s roughly 9-10 hours of work on top of your regular job.

Become a freelance content writer and be your Boss

But the best thing about being a freelance content writer is that you can do it from anywhere, any time of the day. So you can write late at night, during your lunch hour, or early in the morning. You can do it while traveling, or while sitting in a boring conference. There is freedom in this that is very attractive.

What are the freelance content writer skills?

 Although achieving a career in this niche requires effort and consistency, many people are successful. How to do it? The important thing is to develop the qualities expected of a good freelance content writer.

 content writing freelancer skills
content writing freelancer skills

As a freelance content writer, you should have excellent communication skills

Freelance writers must be able to easily communicate with clients and publishers. A good professional should have the ability to clearly explain their ideas and be open to listening to suggestions. Editors and clients alike appreciate that the editor can be contacted whenever they need it.

Although it is recommended to always maintain a professional relationship with clients, it should also be borne in mind that some people prefer to maintain a more friendly and informal dialogue with those they hire.

Successful Content Writer is always motivated

Self-employment can be very difficult for some people. Although it is common for many to launch into the freelance market with enthusiasm, as the weeks go by the motivation is lost and it is possible that they abandon the projects or simply do not carry out the assigned tasks promptly.

Freelance copywriters need to learn to stay focused and keep track of their goals. With this, it is easier to motivate yourself every day to find new customers or comply with the items that must be delivered. It is the task of each writer to discover what are the things that motivate him and allow him to grow in his career.

The freelance content writer should always be updated

Constantly learning new things is a valued quality in all professional areas. For copywriters it is important for two reasons:

The world of web writing is constantly changing. You need to be up to date with trends and develop new skills. Clients enjoy hiring people they know about the topics they are going to write about. Freelance copywriters can choose between becoming experts in a specific subject or having knowledge of various subjects. To be the best editor, it is essential to want to learn and not stop learning.

Handle frustration and rejection

To work as a freelance copywriter you have to learn to deal with rejection. The editors constantly come across job offers for which they are not selected or articles rejected by the editors because they do not exactly match what the client wants.

Learning to manage frustrating moments is of great importance if you want to have a career in the freelance market. Some of the most successful copywriters claim that these situations help them grow and focus on getting better and better. Criticism from editors or customers should not be taken personally.

Be disciplined

Self-discipline is one of the essential characteristics of a person who wants to develop a career as a self-employed professional.

Freelancers don’t have a boss who controls their schedules or keeps track of their tasks. Each freelance editor is their boss. This is why it is important to learn to manage schedules and have everything ready on time.

content writer would  develop creativity
a content writer would  develop creativity

A freelance content writer would  develop creativity

It is very difficult to be a successful freelance web copywriter if you don’t learn to “think outside the box.” If there is one thing that good writers need, it is creativity.

  •         Creativity to promote your services and your business
  •         Creativity to find fresh ideas every day
  •         Creativity to keep customers

 Creative copywriters achieve a unique style; They can present articles that are always interesting to customers and readers alike and find ways to stand out from their competitors.

 Be brilliant with finances

Becoming a successful freelance content writer and starting a business of your own requires good financial management skills. Money is one of the reasons many freelancers have to abandon their careers and seek conventional employment.

Making a financial plan, establishing a budget, and thinking about ways to find clients are some of the tasks that must be done to get money as a freelance web copywriter.

A freelance content writer would write every day

The only way to learn to write well is to write. The best web writers spend a part of the day writing texts, whether they are work in watered or simply items on topics that interest them and could sell.

The more experienced freelance content writer gains, the more polished his style will be and his texts will have more personality.

Don’t leave everything until the last moment

For anyone trying to develop as a freelance content writer, it is relevant to learn not to wait until the day before the delivery deadline to get to work. The ideal is to establish schedules or determine how many hours are required to allocate per day to the project.

If a writer leaves his articles until the last moment, likely, he will not have time to read them again to correct mistakes. Writing articles early can be a very relevant factor in developing quality texts and becoming the best copywriter.

Follow directions and be a successful content writer
Follow directions and be a successful content writer

Follow directions and be a successful content writer

A quality highly valued by editors is that the editors know how to follow the instructions that are delivered and write the text as requested.

While it is true that many people can write, not so many have what it takes to succeed as a freelance. Although many characteristics must be developed, with effort and a clear goal it is possible to achieve a successful career as a copywriter in the freelance market.

Having quality communication skills is a requirement increasingly requested by large companies seeking new talent. In this note, we tell you the keys to become a good copywriter.

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