What Makes You a Great Content Writer? 👍 13 Writing Factors You Must Know

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Are you reading this article because you are not sure if your audience likes your content or not? Or do you not get pleasant feedback from them? But as you know becoming a great content writer is not easy.

In this situation, if feel like you should know more about writing principles, first things you must know is to have a clear vision of your goals and create useful and valuable content As Ann Handley says:

“You need to create ridiculously good content – content that is useful, enjoyable and inspired.”

So if you want to become a great content writer you must be aware of a series of rules. Follow us in this article to have a better understanding of producing content like a boss.

How to produce content professionally?

To produce a professional and eye-catching content you must write regularly .You can’t reach that position overnight. First step is to know your audiences very well. Then, you should know which kinds of words are suitable for titles and attract users to read the rest of the content. But these are not the only factors that make you a great content writer. Read all the 13 factors in the rest of the article to find out more about principles of writing good content.

Writing Factors

1- Know Your Audience Before Producing Content

Audience identification should be at the core of your content strategy. You must have heard about customer persona. Customer persona means knowing what your customers are looking for? What kind of content interests them? And also their range of ages to have a better understanding of their type, etc. Generally, to become a great content writer you need to know exactly who you are writing your content for. When you have such characters in mind, you can better create creative content for them.

2- Write an Appropriate Title for Your Creative Content

Your content should have a title and it can not be otherwise, as long as your content does not have an attractive title, no one will be encouraged to read it.

Writing a good title is an art. See what words your audience is attracted to. Some people like funny titles. But others like titles that ask the audience a question and the article answers it. 

Be careful to use words in your title that people think of or search the internet for. On the other hand, try not to write a long title, short and attractive writing is the best way to write a title. 

If you don’t know how many characters are suitable for a title, there is no real character limit. But it’s good to know Google typically displays the first 50–60 characters of a title tag.

3- Have a Strong Start 

After the title, the first paragraph is very important. Great content writers know this is the second thing that catches the audience’s eye. You should hook the audience in the first few sentences and explain what they are going to read next.

You may ask how to hook the audience? You should explain a brief part of the content goal but not give all the answers to them. Then, ask yourself Why should this article be attractive to the audience? What value does it produce, what question does it answer? What problem does it solve? You have to answer everything in the first paragraph.

Once the audience is hooked, you need to worry about the main content that is worth reading. Your first paragraph should convince the audience that they should read the whole thing to the end.

4- Write Simple

We know that all our audiences are intelligent, but  try to keep your texts as simple and understandable as possible. No one can stand and continue reading heavy texts. Write content that is both easier to read and easier to understand.

5- Conversational Tone is Very Important

The most effective way is to maintain a conversational tone in the content. A great content writer try to convey the feeling that their audience is sitting somewhere and chatting with a friend, instead of feeling like they are in the classroom or listening to a seminar. Few people are interested in giving presentations and seminars in the classroom, but most people are interested in chatting with friends. This will make your written content more interesting and enjoyable.

6- Don’t Ignore the Figures 

Although people welcome ideas, they also love statistics. In order to produce creative content that can be shared by people, you have to engage their minds. We have to use quotations and statistics as a reference in our content. Don’t forget to link it to the websites or persons you used their information or quotes. Using these things makes the content remembered and shared with others who find the statistics interesting.

On the other hand, this statistic supports your content. You want your content to convey information. If there is no statistic that supports what you say, your arguments and opinions will be considered insignificant.

7- Prioritize Your Audience

Who do you write the content for? Who do you want to attract? Always ask yourself these questions and then, start writing your content.

Sometimes in content production, we produce it like we want to show our website. We want everything to be special in order to be more visible. But you have to prioritize the audience and the rest is important in the next place.

You write content for the audience, so if you can not get their opinion and meet their needs, you will probably lose them.

8- Talk about Trends and Topics of the Day

Something happens and all the news is filled with it, everyone on social media talks about it and every article you read has something written about it. Do not miss this opportunity, you also write content related to popular content.

But talking about trends may be difficult for some industries. Don’t worry, there is always some interesting news related to your business. Do not ignore the news and produce related content. It doesn’t matter what the news is, make sure your audience is attracted to it and is interested in reading it.

Here we have a great solution for you:

A good way to get to the top of the page results on the Internet, is to create Google Alerts for specific keywords that are relevant to you and your business. At the end of each day, Google automatically sends you emails full of new articles about that particular keyword published on the Internet. This is great for staying up to date with your industry news.

9- Use Visual Content

Although we have talked a lot about textual content, you should not forget the visual content. Be aware that you can’t attract your audience only with textual content. You need to engage the audience with a variety of content to really enjoy it. Use videos and photos in your article. You may find it difficult to think of an image that fits the text of your content. The Internet is full of different ideas. Do a search on the internet and see what images others have used for similar content.

10- Use Expert Quotes

Not all the great content writers produce all the content alone. You are not an expert in all areas and do not have complete information. Not only should you use expert citations, but you should also link to their website or blog in your content. As we have said before, do not hesitate to express statistics and scientific information.

Quoting experts or other articles from reputable sources will increase the credibility of your work. Do not be afraid to bring quotes from more specialized and well-known people than yourself.

11- Make sure to Produce Your Own Content

Be sure to observe this item and please do not put copy content on the site in any way. You may like or be impressed by the content on a site, but never copy it. You can get inspiration from other content. But what we are trying to say is that don’t copy it word for word. This can cause your audience to lose trust in you when they find something similar to this article, in addition, the major content producers will get you in trouble and Google will penalize you. Generate original and new content

12- Don’t Deviate from the Topic

Many people, after a little writing, deviate from the main topic and the content generally goes in another direction. Don’t expect yourself to become a great content writer if you do this. The title of the content should flow throughout the text.

Perhaps this is a better way to write your content first, then write a related title that could be a short sentence. This is easier said than done for some content. When writing content, be sure to put the title in front of your eyes and see it constantly so as not to stray from the topic.

13- Publish Content Regularly

Some blogs are like cemeteries. There are several gravestones here and there! Do not think that publishing one or two posts is enough for you. Publish the post in a coordinated and regular manner.

If visitors to your site find out that you have not posted in a while, they will assume that you have left the site. Because it is very common that many sites which have not been working for years have been abandoned. Keep your audience engaged by posting regularly.

Notice that It is not enough to just publish content regularly, you have to publish and republish content on social networks regularly, respond to comments and do content marketing.

Once you fully understand creating your own content; content which users are looking for, you can be considered as a great contet writer and different companies will be more likely to partner with you.

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