Improve Content Readability; 5 Ways to Keep Readers Interested

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Unreadable content is one of the most important reasons that makes visitors leave your website. Your content should be legible and clear. Especially long paragraphs that always scare users. Besides it’s impact on users, content readability is an important part of SEO, and affects your ranking in search engine results (SERPs).

But can text readability really be turned into more rankings in SERPs and drive more visits to our website? Yoast believes that writing a text in an understandable language can bring more visitors to your website.
Follow us in the following article to get to know how to write readable content by reading the 5 strategies below.

Improve Content Readability

Here we prepared a brief explanation of improving content readability to become more familiar with the strategies and then completely explained them.

Improve Content Readability
5 Ways to Keep Readers Interested

1. Write Short Sentences

To produce legible content, try to write short sentences. Reading and understanding shorter sentences is much easier than long ones. It also reduces the likelihood of grammatical errors in sentences. We consider sentences containing more than 20 words to be long.

If you write in English, make sure you do not include a small number of sentences containing 20 words or more in a blog post, but each language has its own limitations. If you use WordPress to manage your content, you can use Yoast readability and make changes to your text as needed.

2. Focus on Your Audience

Remember the most important advice we can give you in producing readable content is to make sure your text is at the right level for your audience.

Focus on Your Audience

If you are writing about Lego (Kids Toys) and your content is for kids, then it should be very easy to read. Don’t forget that visual content must be easy to read for the audiences too.
But if your audiences are PhD scientists, your text can be very challenging and also suitable for these people.
So always keep in mind who you are writing your content for.

3. Use Synonyms to Increase Content Readability

Use synonyms. Using synonyms have a great impact on your SEO. You may use some words in your content a lot.
For example, if you use words like “and”, “also” a lot, try to replace other words in your content. In this case, you should try to use alternative words to improve your content readability and comprehension.

4. Write Clear Paragraphs

Make sure to divide your sentences into paragraphs. For a blog post, we recommend you to always start a paragraph with the most important sentence, and then explain it. This will help the reader to understand the meaning of your content simply by reading the first sentence of each paragraph.

Write Clear Paragraphs

Also remember the following points:

  • To make your content readable. Make sure your paragraphs are not too long. 7 or 8 sentences make your paragraphs long. Don’t forget that long paragraphs are boring for users.
  • Try to talk about new important points in each paragraph.
  • Never forget that the worst way to produce long content is to use duplicate content.
  • If you are looking to produce long content, you need to convey something new to your reader in each paragraph.

5. Use Difficult Words Less

Use less words that make your content difficult to read.Reading from mobile and computer screens is hard. Of course, sometimes you may need to use these words in some content because of the specific topic you are writing about.
But if you are going to use these words, make sure to keep your paragraphs and sentences short.

After reading this article, we hope you can improve your content readability and attract more users. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

Improve Your Content Readability with these 4 Free Tools

We hope you can improve your content readability and attract more users by using the above strategies. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

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