Travel Content Writing; 7 Proven Tips You Must Know

In order to build your own industry in the popular profession of travel blogging, here are seven proven tips to follow for all enthusiastic travel bloggers.

As a fast-growing and popular profession, travel blogging has attracted the attention of many travel enthusiasts and bloggers, in recent years. However, this makes travel content writing hard for travel bloggers and also hard to be heard or overcome insecurity in such a crowded field. Some try to follow the content or style of well-known writers but mimicking will not help you stand out from the rest.
Whether you are an amateur blogger or an experienced one, applying these seven travel content writing techniques will help you to put your travel blogging in industry and build your own authority.

1. Do the Research and Create an Outline

Travel blogging is not about promoting yourself or merely about how you felt on a recent trip! Readers read or follow you only if you provide them with information about a worth seeing place, less known traditions and celebrations. So, before any attempt to write, you are highly suggested to do research and extract statistics that will surprise your audience.

Ask yourself what made a location unique? Have you noticed any cultural differences? What is some practical advice to consider while following your footsteps on such a trip? What are the top local food and natural beverages to suggest to travelers? What safety tips should not be underestimated during this journey and what should be expected when it comes to booking transport, accommodation or services on the way to get to this spectacular destination?

Having gathered the answer to the above or similar questions, it is time to create an outline and choose how to present these statistics and info within a blog post. You should think about how to start, what to include in the body and finally how to come to an end while keeping your readers attracted.

2. Choose Hooky Headlines and Subtitles

The headline is the first thing that both your website and engines reveal about your content to the readers. That’s why they should be amazing and catchy. Headlines for travel blog content or videos should not be too long or short. A title should allow your readers to understand what is waiting for them. Too long titles seem boring, as well. Thus, watch the length of your titles and keep it between 7 to 9 words.

If you want to know more about how to write catchy titles, read this article: Write Catchy Titles for Articles; 10 Strategies You Must Know

Some SEO-friendly and amusing titles for travel blogging contents include:

  • How to Save Money on a Round the World Trip
  • Ultimate List of Resources for Travel in X
  • Visiting X on a budget
  • Surprising Facts About the Inhabitants of Nepal
  • 30 Reasons We Don’t Visit X and You Shouldn’t Either
  • 15 Things Not to Miss in X
  • Review of a Weekend in France
  • Top Restaurants/Attractions in X
  • 72 Hours in X
  • How to Make Friends in a Hostel
  • Traveling Through Asia in 30 Days
  • 15 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Malaysia
  • The A to Z of African Safaris
  • 10 Surprising Facts About South Asia
  • 1 Week in Sweden– We Tell You Our Dream Itinerary
  • 1 Week in Andalucia – We Tell You Our Dream Itinerary
  • Our Recommendations for the Perfect 2 Weeks in Spain
  • The Ultimate Checklist When Choosing Travel Insurance
  • Poland– in 40 Photos
  • 20 Best Locations to camp

3. Select Keywords Wisely and Related to the Main Topic

In order to focus on the main topic and prevent any irrelevant explanation, you should extract your keywords precisely. Google keyword planner comes in here to help you find target keywords, using them in your content and finally drive traffic to your website as people look for those keywords via motor engines.

4. Engage and Hook Your Readers

The introduction of your content is where you have this chance to make an impressive “first impression”. If it fails to grab the attention of your readers, it would remain weak to keep them motivated enough to continue the rest of your article or watch your video.

Some of the ways to hook the readers in travel websites and travel blogs include:

  • Starting with an intriguing question
  • Sharing statistics or involving numbers
  • Providing them with less-known facts
  • Bring a catchy conversation or flashback

5. Time to Tell Your Unique Stories

If not millions, but we can easily say that thousands of travel bloggers have written their travel experiences up until the moment you are reading this sentence; but does it mean that no room has left for you? No. You can narrate your unique story as a travel blogger and find your own readers and audience.The point is to involve them emotionally, in a way that they see themselves in the story and imagine themselves beside you in a zone that you are describing. Never get disappointed with a large number of travel bloggers who have millions of followers on Instagram or +100K subscribers on youtube. Even the longest journey starts with the first step!

6. Optimize Your Content

When you hear content optimization, you may think of finding keywords or choosing appropriate titles.
Actually, these are a part and very essential, but not enough alone. The speed of your webpage and the time your images take to be fully loaded are other factors to optimize your content. The density of your keyword and using them properly, on the whole, should be considered as well.

7. Improve Your SEO

Search engine optimization or SEO is one of the basic notions in digital marketing and content marketing that you should know well before taking any step toward promoting your travel blog posts or videos.
It is a long story and hard to summarise here but very important to mention that the readability of your content is a key factor in all famous SEO strategies.

Yoast plugin will help you a lot if you are working with WordPress, but it is still suggested to you to read more about SEO to get the most out of your online marketing.

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