What Is Evergreen Content? 7 Evergreen Content Ideas for Blog posts

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You may ask yourself what evergreen content is? The answer is; This is a type of content that Never dies. But what does it mean? It means it’s not time-sensitive and continues to drive traffic long after it is first published.

So if you don’t know what content is considered an evergreen one or are looking for a kind of content that always has your back and wants to know more about evergreen content ideas, do not miss this article.

Evergreen Content Definition

Evergreen content has no expiration date and does not become obsolete over time.

This content is about topics that always engage readers, regardless of the day’s news or the seasons. The name evergreen is derived from a tree whose leaves remain green all year round.

Fabulous Achievements of Evergreen Content 

Have you ever thought about why we always resist producing this kind of content? Here we talk about 2 fabulous achievements of evergreen content:

Evergreen content always gives you the chance of attracting more users:

Posting this kind of content on your website can always attract new users, even over the years. The point is you do not need to update this content regularly. Evergreen content on your blog always keeps it active and engaging with the user. Of course, you have to make sure that your content should be attractive and valuable.

Evergreen content always gives you the chance of attracting more users

The possibility of linking to evergreen content is very high:

Because evergreen content is long-lasting and does not diminish in value over time, other sites and other bloggers are more likely to link to you. Your content may be so valuable in terms of content that can be considered as a reference for linking to other content on other blogs and websites. This is a property of evergreen content. This way, you will receive more views.


evergreen content makes linkbuilding

7 Evergreen Content Ideas for Blog Posts

Below, you can find 7 eye-catching evergreen content ideas for your blog posts. 

1- Educational Posts

Any educational posts on a specific topic that is relevant to your business are considered Green content. Such content is needed by the audience, and this kind of content always drives traffic to your website.

2- Products Buying Guide 

Another idea of ​​producing this kind of content could be to guide audiences through a specific device or tool. When someone has a device or a tool that they do not know how to use, this kind of content helps them get to know all the details and parts of the device. People always search for content that helps them solve their problems. This kind of evergreen content always drives traffic to your website. Be careful, this type of content needs to be updated regularly. Because once there are new models of products out, users don’t need to read about the old one anymore. So make sure to be updated.

3- Introducing the Bests (like products, applications, etc…)

Do you want to catch people’s eyes? People are always looking for the bests, So talk about the bests in your field. For example, “Introducing the best applications for health,” “Introducing the best programming languages.”

4- Historical Articles

Content related to the history of a company or the creation of a great product in your field of work can also be content that can become evergreen content. For example, “The biography of Jeff Bezos and the beginning of Amazon,” “Microsoft History and Bill Gates Biography.”

Here you can read a few historical articles to become more familiar with writing historical articles.

5- Product Review and Comparative Posts

Product Reviews and comparative posts have the potential to become evergreen content. Expertly review the most famous products in your field. 

6- Case studies

One of the most interesting topics for users is case studies. For example, we are going to introduce a new technique in SEO, to make the topic more interesting we can share our test results. It means a process or record of research into the development of a particular person, group, or situation over a period of time. Many websites publish their content in this way.

7- A List of Useful Resources

If you know helpful resources in your field, such as educational resources or valuable tools and services, publish them in a list. For example, “Apps for Instagram Marketing” or “7 Great Books for Content Marketing”.

Don’t Confuse Evergreen Topics with Evergreen Content!

To understand what we are talking about, pay attention to the examples below:

  1. The Great Wall of China’s history
  2. Instantaneous price of digital currencies
  3. Washing machine usage guide
  4. Results of football matches

The first and third examples are evergreen content. Why? Because the history of the great wall of china will never change! And the usage of a washing machine doesn’t change either.

The second and fourth examples are evergreen topics because people are always searching about them but the content about these kinds of topics should be always updated.


Some topics may be evergreen, but we can not produce evergreen content about them.

We hope this article could help you have a better understanding of this kind of content. If you do not want to spend so much time publishing 10 articles a week, target evergreen topics for your content.

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