Write Catchy Titles for Articles🔥; 10 Strategies You Must Know

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The first thing that will catch your audience’s eyes in your article is the Title. It means if you don’t write catchy titles for articles, they probably will leave your website without even spending a second! So by now you should have realized the importance of writing catchy titles.

If you want to surpass your competitors in writing catchy titles and attract more users to your website, read the 10 great strategies below.

1- Always Keep Your Audience’s Needs in Mind, Instead of Your Own

The first and most important point in writing catchy titles for articles is paying attention to the needs of the audience. This is exactly what some content writers do in the opposite way and confuse the needs of the audience with their own needs. Let me write an example:

Do you think the title “Buy quality washing machine in installments” is appropriate for a product sales page? Well, at first this doesn’t sound like a bad title. But let’s be a little more precise; Who is searching for installment products on Google? He is certainly not a person who is very much looking for luxuries, nor is he a person whose first priority is the quality of products.

Due to the small financial scope of this person, his first priority is the price of the product. But in writing the title, instead of the needs of the audience, the author considers his own needs and refers to quality. A good title for such a page that is selling products in installments is a title that can focus on the low price of the product. It’s better to write “Buy cheap home appliances with long-term and low-interest installments.”

So, in any situation when you want to produce content and write a compelling title, try to get to know the audience a little better and understand their priority needs.

2- Use Numbers in Your Title

Getting help from numbers is one of the most important title writing techniques. Using numbers will make your audience pay more attention to your article. But why and how?

Why? First of all, numbers make it easier for the brain to understand an issue. Human mind is essentially designed to understand a problem more easily with the help of numbers. The second case justifies the use of numbers in catchy titles is that numbers make a subject clear. See the two examples below:

  • Content production training; How to write an article?
  • Learn how to create content and write an article in 11 steps

Which one is more attractive? Of course, your choice should be the latter (if not, see a psychoanalyst immediately as a different person 🙂 )

3- Effective Words Play an Important Role in Choosing Titles

Another principle and strategy for writing catchy titles for articles is the use of effective words. There are generally a series of words that have a greater effect on our human minds than other words, and perhaps even their own synonymous words. But what kind of words are we talking about?

Between the 3 synonyms below, which one has the best and most impact on your mind?

  • Browny
  • Strong
  • Powerful

Basically, the last word should have more impact. This is one of the hundreds of influential words you can use in your title. Of course, words are not always synonymous! For example, look at the words below:

  • The best
  • The largest
  • Cheapest
  • Best quality
  • Valuable
  • Amazing
  • And…

4- Make People Anxious

Make people anxious! How? See the title below:

  • 5 diseases that your cat may suffer from

Do you think this title creates a sense of fear and anxiety? Well, no. But what about the title below?

  • 9 diseases that will kill your cat if you are careless!

Well, such a title literally evokes the audience’s sense of fear and urgency. Below are some examples of other scary titles:

  • 7 things that make your life short!
  • 6 reasons for business failure

5- Be Clear in Writing Your Title

The more clear you are in writing the title, the more you encourage the audience to click on it. But what do I mean by being clear? Explain exactly what value are you going to give to the audience in this article? For example, if you are writing a article about weight loss diets, a simple title might be:

  • Lose weight fast and stay fit

But on the other hand, if we want to be a little clearer, we can use such a title:

  • Lose 15 Kg in 3 months with this diet

As you see in the above example, the author knows the needs of the audience well. His need is to lose weight and telling him how much weight he will lose in 3 months, makes him greedy. Just because you can reassure him that this amount of weight loss is only possible for him in 3 months can be more encouraging than before. Finally, the word “diet” gives another clarity about what the solution to this amazing weight loss is.

6- Curiosity Technique

The sixth technique of writing a catchy title is to arouse the curiosity of the audience. In this technique, the title should be written in such a way to persuade the audience and make them refer to your web page. Honestly, i do not have a good feeling and interest in this method of writing without any specific logical reason. But in any case, i will try to teach it well with the help of the following examples:

  • How did I earn 300 dollars from my site at the beginning?
  • How to get into the first page results in 4 months?
  • 3 things you do not know about your website SEO!

7- Challenge the Audience’s Mind!

This type of catchy title is written in a way that the audience does not expect at all! For example, someone is searching the web for “marriage counseling.” It can be very challenging to see such a title:

  • 7 reasons why you should not go to a marriage counselor!

In fact, these challenging topics seem to take people directly to the article itself. But be careful; As much as this type of title may seem appealing to the audience, it can also be disturbing to some users. For example, if you try to play with beliefs and certain values ​​with the help of such titles, you probably will not get good feedback.

Remember that your audience is not supposed to be a series of highly rational and lovable people. Wherever you go for values, you should expect relatively frightening results; Even if you are right.

8- Add Value to Your Title

Not all of your content is going to be limited to a text format. So you can make your catchy title more attractive with the help of an added value in your article. For example, see the example of the title below:

  • Experience reaching Google’s first page in 3 months (Includes video)

This video is an added value that can make the article title and the blog more attractive. Other additional values ​​include:

  • Voice
  • Infographic
  • Interview
  • Discount code
  • Electronic book
  • And…

9- Get Help From Bill Gates to Write an Attractive Title!

What do you think about the title above? Sometimes it is enough to have the name of a famous person in the title to attract the attention of the audience! In many cases, you can easily reach out to famous people to write an interesting article title. Well, it is better to go to a few examples as usual:

  • 7 Marketing Secrets by Warren Buffet
  • 5 Steve Harvey Strategies for Creating Permanent Habits
  • How to get rich? From Bill Gates!

10- Act Like Nostradamus!

Do you remember the uproar over the Nostradamus case and the prediction of the end of the world in 2012? Well, in general, human nature is in a way that it is interested in predicting and knowing the future. So, it’s good for us to use this and get help from it to write catchy titles for articles! For example, look at the titles below:

  • 3 Google algorithms that will change the future of SEO!
  • What will digital marketing look like in 2022?
  • What will happen to these jobs in the next 4 years?
  • What skills do we need in 2025?

All of these titles attract users to read your whole article.

Read more about content writing and copywriting to be able to write more catchy titles.

There are also more strategies you have to learn but in this article we tried to teach you a complete summary of writing a catchy titles for articles. We’d love for you to share your thoughts on the importance of writing titles with us, and even share various techniques in this area. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

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