Copywriting for Beginners; 10 Essential Tips to Get Started Fast

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Copywriting means writing advertising text or the same as sales text. Your goal in this text is to persuade the reader to do something. This could be buying a product, or subscribing to a newsletter or contacting us for more information. Copywriting for beginners and other people may sound so easy but don’t get it wrong, It takes a lot of skill.
We understand this from the words of one of the best copywriters in history,

Howard Gossage:

“Nobody reads ads. People read what interests them. Sometimes it’s an ad.”

What is Copywriting?

What is Copywriting?

Copywriting means the art of writing good advertising texts that can be in line with goals such as sales and branding. Copywriting is used in brochures, websites, magazines, newspapers, social media, etc. In advertising, it tries to present the way of conveying the message to the audience in a better and more effective way in order to increase its impression.

First, we use a good promotional text to attract the audience, and then, using an appropriate call to action, we ask them to do something. This can be inviting them to buy from our website, contacting the company, completing a form and anything in line with our goals. The art of copywriting in any business can work like a miracle.


To help you not lag behind in advertising and growing your business, here are 10 tips you must know in copywriting for beginners.

1- Give People a Reason to Do as You Tell Them

Do you want people to listen to you and follow your suggestions? Just give them a reason why? How are you going to make them happier, healthier, or richer? Which problems, complications, and difficulties will you help to avoid?
Look at this example:
Not bad: Sign up to get new updates (It’s free).
Better: Sign up for free to stay updated and receive more tutorials.

2- Write Attracting Titles

Knowing that the title you choose for the page or article has a high impact on attracting the audience from SERPs, blog sites, etc; you should take the time to write an attractive title.
There are several formulas for writing a title. For example using magic numbers (such as 7,10, 15, 33), promises, an amazing topic, getting help from conflicting words, the names of celebrities, using dates, etc.

3- Be Bold in Writing Call to Actions (CTA)

Copywriting for beginners can not be effective unless you have the courage to do so.
A person who is confident, shakes hands, looks into the eyes of his audience, speaks honestly and openly, and says exactly what he wants.

Copywriting CTA


The best place to practice is to call to action. A call to action is where you tell the audience what to do.
For example, consider this simple, straightforward, and bold copywriting from Spotify:

music without restrictions; try 30 days of premium account. After that, only $ 9.99 per month; free trial Start.

As you can see, short, effective, and simple phrases are used in this sentence. The shorter you write, the better it will be when you want to look confident.

4- Write Interesting and Exiting

The more interesting and exciting you write, the more effective your copywriting will be. Excitement can transform an audience from a passive spectator to an active fan.
In this regard, pay attention to the following points:

  • Use verbs that evoke more emotion and excitement.
  • Use short sentences: Short sentences have a more pleasant mood and look like intermittent melodies that create energy and motivation to move.
  • Address the audience constantly: Copywriting should always be audience-oriented (second person pronoun) so that the reader feels that excitement is provided for him.
  • Use the exclamation mark if possible: The exclamation mark can be used as an artificial way to create excitement. Note that this method is effective in some cases, but can create a sense of urgency or coercion. But be stingy in this regard and never use the exclamation mark twice in one sentence.

Keep in mind that if you are excited yourself, this excitement will be transmitted to the audience.

5- Don’t Fill All Your Copywriting with Information

In many cases, to show the excellence of our products and services, we send a flood of information, charts, and statistics to the audience; While this is not an effective method to attract the customer. Of course, information is important, but it is not the most important component.

In fact, although you should give information to the audience in copywriting, it is better to start the writing by creating a positive atmosphere and then use the information to support your words. Keep in mind that data and information are usually dry and dull, and quench the fire of excitement. Therefore, although information should not be left out, it is better not to use it as the first tool to convince the audience.

6- Shout Out for the Benefits

A professional copywriter well incorporates and points out the competitive advantage of his or her product or service. For example, in all the texts we write about our comprehensive 50-hours SEO course, we explicitly point to our most important competitive advantage like ongoing support and answering student questions. This issue has received very good feedback for us so far.

7- Your Content Should be Simple

A good post should be short but at the same time convey its message well. In a poster or banner ad using the copywriting technique, it is better to limit the number of words so that the audience understands the whole content at a glance. In producing content, give tangible details. When creating content, be aware of spelling mistakes, duplicate words, and so on.

8- Don’t Ignore the Importance of Visual Content in Copywriting

Maybe the text you wrote for the page of your product or service has a very high quality. But do not forget that the audience is not very interested in reading. Therefore, not using attractive visual content on the page may cause the user to recognize your text as a dry and boring article at first glance and get out of it.

9- Forget the Specifications, Write the Features!

If you ask people around you about the important features of their home LED TV compared to the previous generation TVs, they will say things like:

1- High image quality
2- Low power consumption
3- Reduce occupied space and…
But it is interesting to know that all the above points are only the specifications of this TV, not the features!

In contrast, the following can be mentioned as features:
1- High image quality that makes your eyes do not feel tired even after 8 hours of continuous TV viewing,
2- Reduce occupied space, which increases the beauty of your home decoration,
3- Reducing electricity consumption, which in the long run can have a significant impact on costs.
An important principle in copywriting for beginners is to pay attention to features rather than specifications. The better you write these features, the more likely your audience is to be persuaded to buy.

10- Learn Advertising Formula

Many professional advertisers use ready-made formulas to write their desired texts! For example, one of the famous formulas is the PAS formula in which;
We first point out a problem or need to the audience, then we remind him of the results and consequences of that problem with a little exaggeration, finally, we introduce the solution to the problem, which is the possibility of our product or service.

Something like the following text:
1- Unfortunately, most webmasters in the web world complain about not selling their products
2- But the solution to this big problem is only one thing, familiarity with the science of copyright or advertising!

How to Do Copywriting Based on SEO Principles?

SEO means website optimization for search engines, as a result of which your site is displayed among the first relevant Google search results.
It is very easy to write sales and advertising texts according to SEO principles:
1- Aim for a highly searchable keyword that is relevant to your field.
2- Optimize and complete your content with that keyword.
3- Make sure this item is displayed in the specified keyword, between the main results.

Read this article () to know more about the differences between copywriting and content writing.

In this article “Copywriting for beginners”, we tried to give the all neccessary basic informations to you to get the best result after reading this article. We’d love for you to share your thoughts on the importance of writing promotional and sales text with us, and even share various techniques of copywriting for beginners. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

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