What is the difference between copywriting and content writing?

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Whether you’re a professional or a beginner, you most probably assume that copywriting and content writing are the same thing or at least can’t tell the difference! In this article, we will go through some main differences and similarities, while making the concept of each format more comprehensible.

What is Copywriting?

Copywriting is a rather short text, written in a strict-forward, appealing, and emotional format to persuade random or specific audiences to engage in whatever you have in mind( products for sale, certain activities, brand ideology etc.).

Copywriting’s main duty is to be attractive enough to draw the reader’s attention as quickly as possible while they’re casually scrolling down a website or their email inbox.

David Oglivy, best known as “Father of Advertising” describes the main point of what is called today “copywriting” very well:

“When I write an advertisement, I don’t want you to tell me that you find it ‘creative.’ I want you to find it so interesting that you buy the product.”

Long story short, copywriting is what persuades your audience to take immediate action.

What is Content writing?

Content writing is all about creating quality content which, due to the explanations, contains one or more clear goals (marketing purposes of a company), while maintaining informative or/and entertaining.
Best content writing pieces must be able to explain clearly about the values of your business without even mentioning the agency’s name.
We don’t expect content writers to seek immediate attention to our product, but to earn the audience’s confidence, which will in long-term turn to be a loyal customer.

Differences between content writing and copywriting:

While content writing must be well-qualified and reading worthy, copywriting’s only purpose is to attract attention.

We can count on copywriting for short-term and immediate results, whereas content writing will show its effect in a rather enduring period of time.

What are the similarities between copywriting and content writing?

Noticing all these differences, you may ask yourself why do we often take them for each other by mistake?
content writing and copywriting pieces get published in so many common forms of media such as:

  • online platforms like Web page content, SEO content, Email campaigns, and social media
  • Television or radio commercial scripts
  • Press releases such as newspaper
  • Catalogs and brochure
  • Urban advertisements like billboards
  • Postcards

Therefore both content writers and copywriters can be occupied in a valid range of fields in the marketing and advertising world.

Another point to which we must pay attention, is that there are usually the minor factors that make major changes. For example, CTA (Call to Action) is a crucial part of copywriting.

The length of a piece of writing depends directly on its purpose. Content writing is obviously longer in comparison with copywriting.

In conclusion, every copywriting is content writing, but not all the contents are copywriting.

After reading this article we hope all the differences between copy writing and content writing will be clear for you.

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