Register Your Location On Google Maps; What is Google Maps? How to Do It?

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​​Google always offers essential and valuable services to its audience. A significant portion of the activity on the Internet today is, directly and indirectly, dependent on the services Google provides. On the other hand, tools such as Google Analytics and Google Trends have greatly helped Internet businesses. As you know, to be successful in the competition of Internet businesses, you need to master the features and tools provided by Google.

Google Maps is one of the most widely used applications of Google, and today few people have not used it. Human beings are always looking for easy and fast ways to reach their destination, and this has made Google Maps very useful. In this article, after reviewing Google Maps, we will introduce you to how to register your location on Google maps.

The Emergence of Google Maps

You may have seen in movies and TV series that some people are looking for a treasure map. In fact, in the past, maps of cities and countries were scarce, and this made it very expensive to have a comprehensive map. We can say that Google used this fundamental and historical problem for its significant and ambitious plan, Google Maps. This may be hard to imagine, but until 15 years ago, humans had to use paper maps to find the address of a street, and it was a big problem. Items such as high cost, inability to read maps, and lack of maps were all problems that Google Maps was designed to address.

What is Google Maps?

As mentioned, Google Maps was designed and released based on one of the historical problems of human beings, namely finding the Location of different places. Google announced in 2005 that it had developed an app that could be considered one of the most revolutionary and creative apps of its time.

what is google maps

They meant Google Maps because it was an app that compiled maps of all parts of the world on your mobile phone or laptop. You no longer have to ask anyone to find the address of a street; If you are lost in the city or even in the desert, you no longer need to have a map to find the address you are looking for, and with just a few clicks and a search you can reach your destination.

But the features of Google Maps were much more advanced than traditional maps. You can use features such as changing the type of map, registering your Location on the map for public viewing, storing frequently used addresses, determining the fastest time to reach your destination, sharing your current location with others, and even downloading maps Use.

You can change the Type of Map on Google Maps

One of the most valuable features of Google Maps is that this application does not provide you with just a map model. You have the option to choose the type of map you want. To do this, you can enter the rhombus tab of this application and select the type of map you want. Selecting a satellite map allows you to view locations in great detail. On the other hand, if you are in a hurry to reach your destination and you do not want to encounter traffic on your way, you can use a traffic map. These maps mark the traffic of any street in green, orange, and red, which means no traffic, light traffic, and heavy traffic, respectively.

You can Share your Current Position with Others

Another feature of Google Maps is that you can share your current location with others. This feature is very suitable for people who send their children and children to school or other situations with the service or with others and want to have his position at any time. To do this, all you have to do is log in to the Google Maps application, and after entering your profile section, select Location Sharing and then Shared Location to view your contact list and select the desired contact to send the Location to. You can also specify the time for sending the position.

Share your Current Position with Others

Register Your Location on Google Maps

It can be said that registering a place in Google Maps is the most significant advantage of this application for all businesses. Imagine that someone is on the street looking for fast food; After logging in to Google Maps, he finds that street, finds the addresses of the fast foods located there, and finally goes to the most appropriate ones. Now imagine that your business does not have this feature. In this case, you will lose many of your customers. On the other hand, if your business has its website, registering a location on Google Maps will considerably impact your website’s SEO.

Local SEO is very Important

Before getting to know how to register your location on google maps, let’s look at local SEO. As you know, a website’s SEO is the most important factor that affects the ranking of your website in SERPs. There are different types of SEO, but the branch we want to explore in this article is local SEO. As you know, Google does all its processes seamlessly; when you do a Google search for a phrase, you come across results that have many factors involved. For example, when you search for the word fast food, there are other important factors besides SEO. One of the most important factors is registering the Location of that fast food in Google Map.

How Local SEO Works?

To illustrate how local SEO works, see the example below.

Consider two fast foods, A and B, located on the same street. Fast Food A has registered its location on Google Maps, while Fast Food B has not. Suppose someone is close to the street of those two fast foods and you search for the word fast food or restaurant. In this case, the list of fast foods displayed on the screen is fast foods whose Location is registered in Google Maps. That is why you should immediately register your Location on google maps!

How to Register Your Location on Google Maps

According to a recent example, all businesses need to register their location on Google Maps to complete their local SEO. To do this, you need to follow a few steps. You can do this both on your desktop and on your smartphone.

How local SEO works

Here you can register your location on google maps in 6 steps:

1. First, you have to log in to the Google website and create your account there or sign in.

2. After that, log in to Google Maps. You will see a map with the addresses of all registered streets and locations.

3. To register your location on google maps, enter the menu bar on the left and select the “Add missing place” option.

4. After that, a red icon will appear on the map. By clicking and holding the icon, you can move it to your desired location.

5. After this, a list will appear in which you must enter details such as name, address, and field of activity of the company.

6. After completing the form, click Submit and wait for about 24 hours to register the address.

After 24 hours, follow the location registration request in Google Maps.

1. Log in to the website with the same account you registered your Location on Google Maps.

2. Click on the tab on the left.

3. Select your contributions option.

4. Enter the Edit section. If your request has been submitted, you will see the phrase Approved. If your request is still pending, you will see the phrase Pending. You will also see Not Approved if your request is not approved for various reasons, such as incorrect Location or not being approved by other users.

Since local SEO is directly related to location registration on Google Maps, correct location registration and verification will considerably impact your success.

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If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to ask.


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