Submit Podcasts to Google Podcasts; How Should I Do It?

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Today, due to human activities, the use of podcasts helps to raise people’s awareness and knowledge. One of the benefits of using a podcast is that you can work at the same time and gain knowledge, and you can listen to a psychological podcast while cleaning the house. The use of podcasts is not only for these cases, but podcasts are also used in education, retrieval and business, etc. In this article, we will discuss the concepts of podcasting, production and also how to submit podcasts to Google podcasts.

What is a Podcast?

A podcast is a recorded voice that is shared on the Internet. In fact, the podcast came into human life around the beginning of 2000, and in 2004, as the “Audio Revolution” article in the Guardian newspaper, it made a lot of noise and attracted a lot of attention. The term Podcast is derived from the words iPod (Apple Music Player) and Broadcast. Podcasting is a form of content production that has its own place and fans alongside text, video and photos.

What is Podcast?

The Difference Between Podcasts and Radios

What comes to mind from the definition of a podcast is the same as radio. But the fact is that the use of podcasts has many advantages over the radio. For example, in order to use the radio, for example, if you want to hear the story of “One Thousand and One Nights”, you have to wait until ten o’clock at night, while you can download and listen to “Thousand and One Nights” podcasts at any time.
So unlike radio, access to the podcast has no time limit. Also on the radio, programs are scheduled for 24 hours. So at this time, it is possible to run the number There are a limited number of programs, while it is possible to upload a large number of podcasts per day. And finally, in podcasts, it is the audience that chooses the podcast, while the choice and arrangement of radio programs are not up to the audience.

Submit Your Podcast to Google Podcasts

After producing podcasts, you probably wondered where and for what purpose you could share them. Before we get into the podcast upload process, there is one golden tip to keep in mind, this is probably the most important step in publishing a podcast and the most important step in producing a podcast! “Create an RSS feed for the podcast.”

The existence of this feed is so necessary that some people included it in the definition of the podcast and do not consider a podcast that does not have a feed as a podcast at all. Of course, in our opinion, this definition is not correct and we will suffice with the same definitions of the podcast. So let’s see what this feed is? And why does it matter?

What is a Podcast Feed?

Just as radio channels broadcast on a particular frequency and signal, a podcast must have a unique feed address. If you post a podcast on a website or anywhere else without a feed, the audience will have to open and search each website to see your podcast. In the meantime, both data loss and you need more chances than the audience. Find what you want in your podcast.

While with the feed, the podcast is easily accessible to the audience and the podcast can be found in all applications; In other words, a podcast feed is a link that provides access to the podcast through applications other than the publisher source. Different programs can use this link to divide podcasts into different categories.

Podcast Feed Components

A podcast feed is a complete metadata (metadata: data and information about other data) for a podcast. The most important components are the podcast title, description, publisher classification, email, cover image, summary and language of the podcast. This metadata makes it easier for your audience and listeners to access your podcast.

How to Create a Podcast Feed?

These are the hosts that give you the feed address. There are several external and internal hosts for hosting podcasts, the most popular of which are: Podbean, LibSyn, Blubrry, Anchor, SoundCloud, and more.

What Do Podcast Hosts Do for You?

The host delivers your message to the listener. One of the most prominent and important features that the host provides for podcasts is the ability to upload and store podcasts, providing RSS feed. Distribute audio content or podcasts with this feed. Also, the podcast will be played in various applications such as Google podcasts. Another important service that hosts provide is to provide podcast listener statistics. Hosts provide podcast statistics at different times to analyze podcasts to understand audience tastes and how well they respond to the podcast.

Based on this information, plan to produce future podcasts. These three services are the most important features that the host provides to the podcast. Of course, some hosts may provide more features. But the hallmark of choosing the right host is providing these three services for podcasters.

Introducing Podcasts to Applications

After uploading the file to the host and receiving the feed address, send this address to a directory (for example, Bridge Podcast or Google Podcast) for approval. This may take a day or two. After this step, your podcast will be placed on anti-blocking apps and available to listeners.

Which Host Should We Choose?

Usually, at the beginning of podcast production, podcasters prefer not to spend a lot of money on producing and publishing podcasts. So they like to go for a free host.

is a podcast host that became more popular in 2018. The advantage is that the service is free. Newcomers usually show a lot of interest in this host. But over time, podcasters may find more features in a host.

Podbean is one of the most popular podcast hosts, offering regular features for free and more advanced features for a fee.

As far as we know, Blubrry hosts do not offer free features. But you can get a discount code to subscribe to it and upload podcasts.

Libsyn gives you a discount code. With this code, you can be a member for free for a month, evaluate this host and then decide if you want to continue working with it or not?

About SoundCloud, it should be noted that this host does not provide accurate statistics to podcasters. Of course, in a limited volume, it is also possible to use it for free.

Submit Podcasts to Google Podcasts

Apple Podcasts are currently the most popular and popular directory for podcasts. Apple Podcasts account for 70% of podcasts, while Google Podcasts account for only 2%. But despite these interpretations, one of the main reasons podcasters go to Google podcasts for their podcasts is the simple design of the Google API.
Follow the steps below to submit a podcast to Google:

  • Get the feed address from the amount you want.
  • In Google, sign in to your account. Go to Google Podcast Manager and enter the feed address. Then click the Next step button.
  • Podcast preview is visible. Make sure it is correct and then go to the next step.
  • Google will send the verification code to the email address you used to create the feed.
  • Check the email address and click “Send Code”. The code will be sent to your email immediately.
  • Enter the year code. After registering with Google, you can apply the settings you want.

Finally, To upload a podcast to the Internet, follow these steps:

  • First, create a podcast by knowing your audience and purpose.
  • Upload the podcast to a host (hosts such as Podbin, Libesyn, Blueberry, Anchor, SoundCloud, etc.) then get the feed address.
  • Submit the podcast to a directory (such as Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, etc.) to be in the app and available to the audience.

If you have any related questions about how to submit podcasts to Google podcasts, please do not hesitate to ask.

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