Persuasive Landing Page; How to Create a Landing Page that Converts?

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If you are reading this article, you may be confused about how to create a persuasive landing page. Landing page is the first page and the place where the visitor, after clicking on the link in an email, Google ads or different social media, is directed to it. It can be almost anything, including: your homepage, a blog post, a product page, an email lead capture page, etc.
But what does a landing page really mean? What types of landing pages do we have? How to create a persuasive landing page?
Follow us in this article to become well-known about the above questions.

What is a Landing Page?

Simply put, In online marketing, landing pages are usually a page that is specifically designed for an online marketing campaign and aims to attract traffic, information or efforts to convert traffic to the customer.

Objectives of creating a landing page:

  • Traffic capture and conversion (having high conversion rate.)
  • Access user’s information to communicate with them and collect leads (establish initial communication with data collection by receiving a free file, free training course, receive a discount, etc.)
  • Increase traffic as well as high sales in a variety of campaigns (product introduction and direct sales.)

Types of Landing Pages

Before talking about creating a persuasive landing page we need to know different types of landing pages first. Depending on the characteristics and goals of a business, you will see different landing pages, but there are actually 3 types of these pages:

1- Lead Generation Landing Pages

These pages, called lead generation or lead capture pages, use a form to receive information such as name, email address, or any other type of information, and their sole purpose is to collect user information. Users receive something like a free e-book in exchange for information.

2- Click Through Landing Pages

These pages are just to convince the user to click on a specific link and then refer him to a specific page to introduce a product with details. These pages usually have a simple action button that directs the visitor to the payment gateway to make a transaction. So on this page you can convince the user to make the final decision to buy.

3- Opt-In Landing Pages

These pages are landing pages that have different sections such as header, footer and sidebar. Contrary to the definition of a landing page described above, these types of landing pages are basically placed formally on different pages of the site. In general, these types of landing pages are not separate from the main design of the site.

How to Create a Persuasive Landing Page?

To create a persuasive landing page we need to know more about strategies that makes our landing page persuasive:

1. USP (Unique Selling Point)

The first part of each landing page, as well as the most important part, can be the USP. In fact, the USP section complements the advertising messages used. As a result, it is better to pay attention to the USP features in the design of your landing page.

In designing a landing page, the USP section can be divided as follows:

  • It is better to have the first landing title with a large font (a font larger than the fonts of other parts) so that it is completely clear and shows the main difference of the service or product on the page.
  • Although it is usually not recommended to use the second title in landing a strong page, if it is used, it is better to create a font smaller than the first title font and complement the first title.
  • It is recommended to use a short paragraph about the product or service in the USP Landing section of a strong page.

2. Use Professional Image

Another feature that a strong landing page can have is the use of a professional image or images related to the product or service of the page. Also, if the page ads are related to an educational clip, you can use videos or audio files related to the subject of the clip in the landing section of the page.

It is recommended to use video to show a product and advertise it, because through video, the audience and customers of the page can see all the dimensions of the product and besides, better understand how to use the product and its efficiency. As a result, images, videos or audio files can be used on a strong landing page.

3. Use Products or Services Feature List

Another special strategy that can be used in a strong and persuasive landing page is to write a list of product or service features so that a list is set up and in each line there is a feature of the product or service clearly introduced.
This list of features is one of the most important parts of landing. Usually strong pages use feature lists on their landing page. This list can also play a vital and important role in the decision of the audience and customers to buy the product or join the service.

Products or Services Feature List

But usually these answers are textual questions that can be the text of the product introduction. If you want to make a list of product or service page features professionally, you should use short and clear sentences in this list.
In addition to the fact that the sentences in this section should be clear and short, all the sentences should introduce the service or product of the page in the best possible way.

In preparing the list of features, it is recommended to avoid comparing services or products with other competitors or other brands, and to focus only on preparing the list for the benefit of the user.

4. Share the Customer’s Product Usage Experience

One of the features that a persuasive landing page can use is customer experience. This section proves that your page service or product has consumers and gives the potential customer the assurance that he is not the only user and consumer of this product or service.

But the problem that can arise in this area is that your products or service page may have been offered for the first time and not been offered to other customers before.
In this case, an experience to publish the product or service Does not exist.

What should we do now?

As a result, in order for this to work best, one can ask those around them to test that product or service and send you their feedback. In this case, you can put these comments in the landing page as a consumer experience, and thus, make your landing page professional.

5. Use CTA in the Right Place

If you understand the purpose of landing well, you probably know that landings are designed to help users achieve their goal. For example, you can tell users to “Click on the product purchase button” or “Fill out the information form” so that they can finally enjoy a series of benefits.

Call To Actions (CTAs) are buttons that should attract the user’s attention at the first moment of landing.

Using various objects such as color, design, and text as well as location is vital because the user’s attention can be focused on these buttons.
The importance of the quality of the CTA button is equal to the importance of other landing features. That is why these buttons are one of the features of a strong landing page.

But a very important point about landing pages is that they invite you to register information. For example, the form of downloading a book as a gift to collect information; in this case, first keep in mind the information registration form is short, and then there is a section that ensures the security of registered information. In such cases, be sure to guarantee the user will not misuse the registered information so that he can register his information safely.

6. Use Appropriate Colors and Fonts

People can tell the difference by using different colors (Because each color has a different meaning). Although one can use any color in the landing page, it is always recommended to use colors that fit the theme of the page and attract the specific audience of the page.

It is usually recommended not to use fancy fonts, non-standard fonts, fonts with very small or very large sizes, fonts with different colors, etc. In designing a landing page because these items are usually troublesome and takes the page away from its original purpose.

As a result, it is better to use fonts with appropriate sizes as well as appropriate colors in the design of the landing page.

7. Minimum Scroll should be needed

What do we mean by writing this title? It is best to design and implement this section in such a way that the CTA section is accessible as much as possible without scrolling.

Because of the importance of the CTA section, you should pay attention to the design of the landing page, so that the page has the least possible scrolling, and the CTA section of the landing page without scrolling is much more attractive.

8. Use Limited and Appropriate Links

As mentioned above, the purpose of directing the audience of the page to the landing is to do something special, and it is necessary to observe points such as the above in this regard. But in most cases, the user does not do the desired action on his first visit to the page. As a result, the page manager must encourage the user in various ways to reuse the site and its content and return to the site.

It is natural that the user does not decide to fulfill the goal of the administrator on his first visit to the site. The same is true for landing pages, so using the right links is very important to increase the chances of the user returning to the site.

It is also better to put links in your pages and profiles on various social networks that link to the main page of your site. Also, these links can be connected to the “Contact page” of your site or the page “About us”. These links will ultimately benefit your site and will be very effective in designing the landing page.

The 8 Best Landing Page Builder Tools

Here we Introduce you the The 8 Best Landing Page Builder Tools including their links:

Finally, all the features mentioned in this article were a series of special strategies for designing strong landing pages. If these features are used properly, they can give a very good result.

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