Successful Comment Marketing; How to Do It?

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Comment marketing is one of the most effective methods that will have other significant benefits for you and improve the SEO of the site. Given that some people have misconceptions about the meaning and function of comment marketing, the description of the points and related items will eliminate all these ambiguities. In this article, we will have a comprehensive review of comment marketing.

Comment and Marketing 

Since the explanation of this term is closely related to how it is implemented, we need to provide a detailed description of it. Some fewer people are not active on social media, so everyone knows the comment. To examine the term comment marketing, we will analyze the two constituent words, comment and marketing.


One factor that significantly impacts marketing and advertising in any business is the comments that show the user’s opinion about a product or service. You’ve probably guessed the definition by now. So you will be closer to success when you can make these comments in a way that defines or recommends your product to others.


As you know, today, the word marketing includes many sub-categories, the number of which is increasing every day. Because digital marketing has unique methods, mastering the principles and applying them correctly will help you have successful comment marketing and a successful business.

Comment Marketing 

So far, we have described the terms “comment” and “marketing.” But the question is: What is comment marketing? In general, comment marketing means inserting users’ opinions for each product or service on the website. This will increase your website ranking in search engines. On the other hand, when you implement comment marketing as a strategy, you are also doing digital marketing because when users comment on a product or service, other visitors will read them. If the comments are positive, they will encourage visitors to buy or use your products and services.

comment marketing

Successful Comment Marketing

To execute comment marketing successfully, you need to be familiar with the implementation steps. Some people think that if they receive bad comments, they are done. This misconception often puts all of these marketing goals at risk. Given this, you need to prepare for the challenges and ups and downs. Here you can see the steps of implementing successful comment marketing below.

1. Targeting 

The first and most important part of performing any work is determining the goals you intend to accomplish. Many people enter the digital and comment marketing space without clear goals and therefore do not know which part of the project to monitor. Is your goal to increase inbound traffic to the site, or do you want to promote your brand title? There are many goals for comment marketing, all depending on the circumstances and the type of business you have.

2. Comment Continuously

Some people think that if they publish many comments in one day, they will be comfortable for weeks and even months, but this is a misconception. One of the most important principles you should follow in this direction is publishing or even writing a certain number of accurate comments every day. This will make the visitors aware that your website’s sales and a number of users are very high, and you are providing up-to-date products and services.

 3. Valuable Comment 

One of the main goals you should have when setting a goal is to solve the most important problems of the people. Your comments may have a group called a valuable comment. These comments contain precisely the content visitors are looking for to read about the main advantages and disadvantages of products or services.

 4. The way of communication 

One way to make your comments look more realistic is to give them the chance to communicate with you. Visitors will trust it more when you put your username in the chat section of the website after the comment. This allows you to gain the user’s trust and increase interaction simultaneously.

5. Select the Appropriate Page 

One way to have successful comment marketing is to choose the right page for your comments. To do this, you have to divide the pages into two categories, which you can see below.

Your web pages

When looking for a comment on your site, you should do this for all the products and pages of your site, but the point is that commenting on some of the most visited pages should be done with more focus and with a higher number.

Related pages 

This is a kind of backlink. You can Google the name of your product or service and find sites and forums related to your type of business, where you can leave a comment that describes the activities of your site or company. Do not forget that the content of these comments should indirectly reflect your activities.

6. Question Design 

When you leave a comment on other sites or even your site, you can use an utterly skilful method to increase the click-through rate. In this way, by creating a question, you create ambiguities and a mysterious atmosphere in the minds of visitors and encourage them to click on the URL or view other points related to the product.

7. Subscribe to Email and SMS Lists 

You can be notified immediately when an article is published on any website if you are in this category. This will allow you to comment on that article quickly. Using this method, your comment will be one of the first comments that visitors to the article will read. Click here to read the “Email Marketing” article.

 8. How to Deal with Offensive Comments 

Negative and even offensive comments are among the most important aspects you will encounter in all kinds of marketing campaigns, such as comment marketing. Some people will try to disprove the arguments and points you have made or even ridicule those arguments. Instead of dwelling on these comments, you should try to figure out how to deal with them. Before you try to increase the tension by responding, you should read the other comments and then respond in a respectful tone that includes the comments of other users as well. 

Do’s and Don’ts of Comment Marketing 

  • Here are some things to keep in mind when commenting on marketing or to avoid them. 
  • Write comments that are realistic to gain the trust of other users.
  • Be creative and do not make all comments just for marketing purposes. For example, using humour and comedy tips would be a good solution. Be sure to read the posts or articles you want to comment on, and do not leave a comment without reading it.
  • The comment that is left should be related to the article in question. Avoid leaving a comment that is not related to the article.

 As you read in this article, comment marketing has some critical points that if you do not follow it, your marketing will be jeopardized. Since there are several steps in executing comment marketing, it is recommended that you try to gain the necessary mastery first and then proceed to manage comment marketing.

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