What is B2C marketing? Most Effective B2C Marketing Strategies

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If you have a business that provides services, you may have a B2C, B2B business or a business that serves both companies and consumers. Either way, knowing B2C marketing can help you build a profitable business. But what is B2C marketing? How can it help you to improve your business?
If you do not fully understand how B2C marketing works, you may lag behind your competitors. In this article, we give you 9 B2C Marketing key strategies. Stay with us.

What is B2C Marketing?

B2C marketing is a type of marketing that helps businesses communicate more effectively and convincingly with consumers. In this way, you are marketing your products directly to individual consumers.

business to consumer

An example of B2C marketing is TV advertising for consumer products. You see an ice cream that looks very tasty in TV commercials, and you decide to try it the next time you go to supermarket.

However, it is not just physical products that can be used for B2C marketing. If you own a educational website, you can do the same retrieval activity by creating a membership to access the courses.
Surely your customers won’t choose your product from a shelf in the store. However, communicating with them is very different from the owner of a brick and mortar store. Here the difference is that your communication is mainly on the Internet.

B2C Marketing Key Strategies You Must not Miss

This section introduces you to 9 B2B marketing strategies and gives you examples of selling training courses.

1. Remember that Your Customers aren’t ATMs

We start with content marketing. If you are focused on building relationships with your potential buyer, you should think of them as human beings – not as ATMs that pay cash for your products.

If you are writing blog posts or posting on social media, create content in line with your brand reputation. Please communicate with your target audience on a human level, whether you share your story or help them understand their needs. Customers want to find you and your business to solve their problems.


We assume that you have created online courses to help people lose weight. You may have struggled with weight gain in the past, so you know how to avoid unhealthy diets, and you know how difficult it can be.

Use these experiences to connect with your audience. Post before and after loosing wight photos, discuss failed weight-loss strategies, and talk about your experiences. You can also talk about how you feel now that you have emerged victorious from this overweight struggle and about your previous problems.

People connect with stories like this. The message you are sending is simple: “I have found a way to deal with this problem. Let me help you do the same. “

2. Hold Creative and Effective Competitions

Everyone loves racing. The idea of ​​winning something for free is lovely, especially since it does not require much work and time to go through the steps.

You can run a contest on your blog, social media or anywhere else that seems appropriate. Many entrepreneurs use webinars to hold competitions. In this way, you increase the audience of your website and web pages, which eventually increases your customers, resulting in matches.

It is crucial to make sure that you follow the rules correctly on any platform you choose. Your target audience also needs to send you their valuable insights.

Maybe you have prepared online courses or other digital products in the field of lectures. You have created a short course and two complete courses, so you decide to give your short course to the winner by holding a contest.

Make sure many people know about your short lesson access quiz. Explain what the course covers and how many people can win. Then, let potential participants learn how they can compete.
You’re a speech expert. So you can ask people to take pictures of themselves giving speeches or ask them to record 15-second lectures. Be with them as you perform, and choose the winner fairly.

3. Give Free Offers with each Purchase

This is also known as a gift with every purchase. The free offer with each purchase adds more value to the product you sell. In other words, it lets people know that they are getting something extra without wanting to pay more.

This is a victory for everyone. You get paid for your product, and the customer receives a reward in return.
A free offer can be anything you want. Maybe this is a short course related to your main course. Or perhaps it’s an e-book or a booklet that helps your customers better introduce their online system.

For example, you have a course in programming. To increase customer satisfaction, you can offer another study related to this course for buyers for free.
In short, you can share a quick e-book that complements your online course or a video.

It is vital to make sure that your offer is of real value. If you do not want to create something as a prize, you can offer another discount on one of your products. For example, anyone who buys their initial online course receives a small amount of another course for free.

4. Prioritize and Target SEO for Search Engines

Many entrepreneurs do not care about users when optimizing content for SEO. We think all Google searches are the same, but this is not the case.
For example, if you want to eat something, you might look for “barbecues near me.” If you are interested in cooking, you may search for “Different Food Recipes for Beginners”.
The type of search indicates its purpose. Some consumers are just looking to gather information, others are comparing their options, and many more are ready to buy.

Ideally, you create content for all types of searches. That way, they know you have all the answers.

For example, you are interested in better fitness. You may start by researching different types of physical activity:

  • high impact exercises
  • Low impact exercises
  • Running
  • Cycling
  • Yoga / Pilates
  • Weightlifting exercises

At this point, you are in the process of gathering information. You do not know how to get a better body shape because you do not know the available options.

You can compare and target consumers at this stage by preparing articles and tables. Help people understand their options so they can make an informed decision.

But what if you already know the type of fitness you want? For years, you’ve been reviewing yourself every day when you wake up, but now things are different. You are looking for the best products that will help you stay steady on foot.

You can create content about walking benefits, walking techniques, daily tips, and more for this theme. You show your experience and deliver your product as a way to go deeper into the topic.

When you divide searchers by their purpose, you can create content that is custom designed for each section. You will be amazed at how well this tactic works, especially if working with your site is convenient and accessible to buyers.

5. Run “Retargeting” Campaigns

Retargeting may seem like a difficult concept at first glance, but it is elementary. It’s all about reconnecting with consumers who have connected with your business in the past. This is especially true for B2C marketing.

As a form of paid advertising, retargeting can be within your budget. If you use it properly, you will get a refund. When a consumer communicates with your business, that communication must follow. For example, the next time a customer visits Facebook, they will see an ad for your business.

This customer may not click on your ad or purchase immediately. However, seeing the ad enhances your image and helps the consumer remember your company in the future.

Maybe you are teaching online web design courses. You help aspiring designers to do their job better and make money.
You can target customers who visit your website or blog pages. If you run retargeting ads, the customer will see your banner ads on any other site they see on the Internet, and this is what you are looking for.

6. Create membership programs

The membership program includes competition and rewards. As consumers increase their membership level, they will receive more rewards, which will increase their connection with your business.

You can create three membership levels for your business:

Bronze: Bronze-level customers receive free discounts on their digital products every quarter.

Silver: Those who reach the silver level, in addition to discounts, will also benefit from a particular valuable download twice a year.

Golden: This is the highest stage in which customers, in addition to receiving bronze and silver level rewards, also benefit from a free 15-minute telephone consultation.

Naming levels are to your liking, and you can determine how customers can climb to higher levels.

For example, low-level members paid between 20$ to 30$, while silver members paid up to 50$ and gold members up to 100$.

7. Use Social Media

Many brands have achieved fantastic success using social media. Some have chosen social networks, while others still adhere to traditional methods.

If you do not have money for social media in your budget, focus on B2C marketing strategies. There are many ways on social media to get people to interact more with your brand.

Let’s say you just opened an Instagram account. You want to attract people interested in your online courses but do not know where to start.
Your strategy might look something like this:

1. Follow ten people a day who are interested in your mindset or industry.

2. Have a single hashtag with your brand and use it in all posts.

3. Use new hashtags every day that are relevant to your topic or way of thinking.

4. Host competitions that are held exclusively on Instagram.

5. Share inspirational or educational content that makes your followers feel part of a community.

This is a comprehensive strategy. Plus, you can replicate it for other platforms, from Facebook to Twitter.

8. Have Relationships with Influential People

Influential people are social media users who are followed by a large number of people. And this is an opportunity for you to reach the greatness of B2C marketing.
Collaborating with these people can change your business.
Let’s say you have an online course in personal security. You have seen a security expert on Instagram who has good followers.

You both want to teach people how to stay safe. Ask the specialist for their approach and ask them to look at your lesson. If he likes the impact, ask him to promote your product.

Some celebrities may cost you money, but many of them do not have a financial argument. If you start with relationships, you will spend less money.

9. Invest in mobile marketing

The world is moving in the direction of mobile. Many people do not have laptops and desktops. They do all their calculations through tablets, mobile phones and even smartwatches.

This is why B2C marketers are at the forefront of their mobile marketing strategy. Check your content on mobile devices so that there is no problem in terms of display.

It all starts with a responsive website. Most templates for different websites are responsive, and this is almost a default for new websites.

Plus, you want your posts on mobile to look great, from blogs to social media. Optimize your images with legible fonts and generally be available on your mobile phone.

If you are interested in starting an online training business, you can start with WordPress to set up your website. WordPress templates are primarily responsive.

Make sure you are up to date on the best mobile marketing practices. Email marketing, SMS marketing and social media marketing are all compatible with mobile.

You can also use attractive forms of B2C marketing to connect with your target market on mobile. Don’t forget all the users on the computer, but consider that your best customers may find you on their mobile devices.

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If you have any related questions about B2C marketing, please don’t hesitate to ask.

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