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Why Should a Small Business Use a Press Release?

Press Release is a new way of issuing official communications over the Internet, using companies’ ability to disseminate social networks and the extent of vitality. They are all those contents that can be easily reproduced in web environments and feed the participation of users. Thanks to this, any company can gain enormous visibility. Press releases, on the other hand, are simply informative content of a business or commercial nature, but are of less interest and impact when their context is limited or exceeds the promotional component. Our experts know how to write to be visible!

Their cost is lower, but they are limited to the publication of contextual information, without including repeated mentions, promotional abuses and hyperlinks or direct links. Remember that we offer our professional writing services for press releases.

To know our services and communication plans and more related information, do not hesitate to contact us. Our team can guide you on the type of publications that can generate greater impact and effectiveness beyond traditional communications.

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Marketing agencies are fully aware of what a press release is, and do not hesitate to use this concept to shape or as part of their strategies. Sometimes, a video of just over a few seconds can spread around the world at an amazing speed. Yes! Press releases deliver exceptional results for virtually any business, regardless of size, profit margins, profile, and industry. This brings us to the next question: what exactly SEMburger give you through a press release?

  •   Remember that SEMburger expert team bets above all on the quality of its content.
  •   We create unique press release content with the latest news of your brand
  •   We make your news reach the appropriate people and media to get the most out of it
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