Google Reverse Image Search; How to Do It?

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Almost all of us are already familiar with the image search method, a search engine feature that allows you to find images that are directly related to your search terms. Typical search engines has the ability to search for a phrase and find related images. This ability is offered by most search engines. But what if you have an image and you want to know it’s original? Or how to find similar photos? Google Reverse Image Search helps you to solve these problems.

There is another type of image search that is very useful, this type of search, known as Google Reverse Image Search, is for when you already have the image and want to know its source, or find similar images. You can do this with your desktop computer or mobile phone. By finding the source of a photo or similar photos, you can easily produce content based on the searched image.
To use Google Reverse Image Search in your browser, go to, click the camera icon, and upload an image from your hard drive, or drag the image into a window. You can also copy the URL of the image you viewed online.

What is Google Reverse Image Search?

When you use Google Reverse Image Search and place a photo or link in the search bar instead of a text search, Google then scans websites that have your image and related or similar images. As a result, if you want to produce visual content related to a particular topic, you can easily find images related to the topic with the help of this tool and use them.

Google Reverse Image Search also detects the subject of your image and shows other websites related to the subject of your image. This way you can find a lot of content similar to your topic, usually content writers use this method to produce visual content.

How to use Google Reverse Image Search From a Computer

By uploading a file from your computer or searching for an image you find on the web, you can do a more powerful search with your computer using this tool. You need one of the Chrome, Firefox and Safari browsers to do this. In the following, we will review the steps.

Steps to do:
1. Open in the browser, it does not have to be Chrome. You can also use the other browsers mentioned.

Using Google Reverse Image Search

2. Click the camera icon to get started and load the image.

Google Reverse Image
3. Select “Upload Image” and then select “Choose File” to browse your files and select an image to search. Or drag and drop an image file into a browser window.

Google Reverse Image Search2
4. Find a picture of your files, click on it, then select “Open”.

google reverse image search
5. You will then be taken to a page that contains similar images or image information.

google reverse image

How to Use Google Reverse Image Search on Android and iPhone?

You must first download Google Chrome to use this tool on your mobile device. Then, you can search the image on your iPhone or Android using a photo from the Internet or a photo taken with your camera. Search results are only by default. Tap the search categories above to see all the websites, videos, or news related to your search.

How to Use Google Reverse Image Search by using Google Lens?

Google Lens may be pre-installed on your mobile device, and if you do not have one, this app is still available separately in the Google Play Store for Android. For iOS, Lens is now included in the main Google Search app, so you do not need to download a separate app on iPhone.

google lense

  • Open an image in your phone memory or the URL of a web page.
  • Tap the Lens icon to start the image recognition operation.
  • It then performs a Reverse Image Search, identifies the image, and provides you with other similar images.

When to Use Google Reverse Image Search?

  • When you want to find information about a photo. This tool can show a website that contains a photo name or related information.
  • When he intends to investigate a plagiarism. With this tool, similar images to the one you searched for will appear. This can show you whether a copy of someone else’s work has been copied or not.
  • When you want to produce image content, find other images similar to the one you want; This tool is a very useful tool if you want to find other photos that are similar in some major features.

In this article, we tried to examine in general how to use Google Reverse Image Search in the production of image content. Thank you for your support.

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