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Our Content Writing Services

Contact us to request a communication plan designed for your needs. Populate your website with valuable content and attract and convert potential users into repeat buyers. Request a strategic growth consultancy for your company.

Blog Post

Blog posts or blog articles are quality content created by professional editors with experience in the sector. They help you to generate more traffic on your blog since SEO positioning is huge, it can be combined with other types of content, it is easily shareable on different networks and it generates valuable content for your users.

Web Article

Web article​ are texts created and designed specifically to position on search engines while attracting the user. Present your products or services originally and attractively to your customers. Besides, you will have optimized content to position in the best search engine positions. In result you will have the visible brand!


Texts that persuade and attract the user! Copywriting is based on the creation of advertising texts, persuasive texts, or texts to sell more. We must bear in mind that this type of content is different from other types of content such as blog posts, blog articles, or web content; therefore we should not be confused.

SEO Content

Creating an elevating and engaging content is the key for website‘s traffic. To have optimized web content means considering SEO and most used keywords to have better results. Consider that every web content should be an answer to a specific question to help your audience, that’s what we offer at SEMburger.

Email Marketing Content

Email Marketing has been estimated as one of the crucial keys in marketing because it assists you to make interaction with the audience. So when you combine this strategy with a thrilling content you will be more successful. SEMburger offers you get the highest conversion rate by writing unique content for the email marketing strategy.

Product Description

An Influential way to trigger a sale is to have effective production description content. You can get success if you have in mind that the production description content goal is to persuade the audience to make a purchase. SEMburger offers you unique content based on your product's description to increase your sales.

Press Releases

Press releases are a basic technique in companies' relations with the media. Despite being a fairly conventional tool, they still play an essential role in the communication of start-ups, SMEs, and large companies. Press releases contents should be written when there is something worth telling.

Branded content

Content production is a necessity within a brand's digital marketing strategy. Branded Content is directly related to the production of content to improve the brand's positioning in the market and transform the public's view of the company behind the products or services offered.

Guest Post

Guest Posts are content that is published on a domain other than that of the author who wrote it. Its main objective is the transmission of external links from one domain to another, leading the reader to visit the website or blog of the person who wrote them and generate authority on the page indicated.

Ad copies

Ad copy is a special kind of content that is designed to activate the readers. There is no need to be concerned with the customer's goals and desires because Ad copies can make mutual interaction between you and your reader. You should feel free to Increase your conversion rates and profits by powerful ad copies.

White Paper

A well-crafted White Paper can be a differential in content marketing strategy. It can be considered a more specific material since it has a more technical and in-depth approach than blog posts or e-books. In practice, it is an excellent tool to obtain leads, capture qualified traffic, and generate conversions.

Social Media Content

Would you like to feed your social media with motivational, anniversary, famous phrases, etc.? If the answer is yes, you have found what you were looking for. In SEMburger, we create, write, and design unique phrases that appeal to your community so that you can stand out and without worrying about anything!

Video Post Content

The video posts are content presented in video format that offers content of interest, attractive and impressive for the target audience to which they are directed. Its format makes it very easy to consume, that the user stays longer on our page and therefore, that it shares content more easily on social networks.

Ecommerce Texts

Ecommerce texts The content for eCommerce or texts for e-commerce is content created specifically to position your products in the best search engine positions. In this way, you can optimize your product sheets, product categories and even the Meta content of your pages to achieve the best positions in Google.

Planning and strategy

We are going to define the objectives of the strategy, analyze your competition, define the buyer persona, and understand your purchasing journey.

Keyword research

Once we know who we want to attract, we will define the topics of interest for each stage of the purchasing process of your buyer persona.

Definition of titles

After defining the keywords, we will brainstorm to select the most striking titles for your buyer persona.

Editorial content calendar

We will produce the content in blogs, infographics, images, gifs, and videos to increase the reach and interest of your target audience.

Content format

We will produce the content in blogs, infographics, images, gifs, and videos to increase the reach and interest of your target audience.

Project manager

The person who will establish the work plan together with the content marketing team and will be your direct contact between the agency and your company

Content quality manager

The person in charge of planning the content strategy and working together with the writing and design team to achieve the results.

Editor team

The team of editors will be the ones who give life to the content strategy through the writing of articles designed for your audience and optimized for SEO.

Graphic designer

the person in charge of giving life and color to your content marketing strategy, diversifying your message in other content formats to amplify its scope.

By creating content that answers the questions your customers are looking for on the internet, you will be able to attract them to your website and make yourself known.

By publishing valuable and quality content optimized for SEO, you will rank better in google, so your traffic will increase.

Through good content, you will position your company as a specialist in its industry and achieve users value you more than your competition.

By creating a recurring traffic source to your website, your acquisition cost will drop up to 62% compared to other traditional strategies.

The quality of the content here does not depend on any person (author, quality manager, editor, etc.). What ensures the quality of the content is a professional workflow. The quality of content in different ways and in different stages of content production (from the stage of studying about topics to the stages of production, editing, and support) is under the magnifying glass of our colleagues.

Content means the articles, images, and videos you post on your site. Of these, the articles and texts you write about your business (producing textual content) and posting on your site are more important to SEO.

Content production experts who are familiar with the basics of SEO and site architecture can transfer value to your customer to taste the taste of introverted marketing. Rasa has skillful writers and content experts specializing in various businesses.

You must have heard the content is the King. Now let's look at it from another angle. If it weren't for the content, there wouldn't be Google! Google navigates the content and gets people to the content they want. So if you want to get SEO, generously generate content and post it on your site.

You can easily register on the site and order the production of textual content, audio production, motion graphics. You will taste high volume content services in the shortest time in Rasa.

In the production of textual content, it is based on each word that you can see on the cost page of content production. In the production of audio content, it is also in the form of a word that you can see on the page of the cost of producing audio content. Motion graphics costs are also based on each second that can be seen on the Motion Graphics cost page.

Text content: Suitable for transferring value to the user and SEO site.

Audio content: Suitable for transferring value to the user and SEO site. Audio content is the same as podcasting.

Video content: Like teasers and motion graphics, in addition to the power of transmitting high concepts, it is also effective in your SEO site.

Keyword density, title typing, text fluency, and keyword spending at the beginning of paragraphs are some of the basic principles of content production that are observed in Rasa Marketing. Of course, we are still monitoring Google's algorithms and updating our writing methods.

Google attaches great importance to product quality and content optimization; As a result, you can improve your ranking in Google search results by implementing content production and SEO techniques.

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